Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anne and the Art of Ice Fishing!

I remember going ice fishing as young girl up on Lake Mills Lacs in Minnesota, where in a typical year there are so many fish houses, there is an actual state highway created across the ice!  A whole community is created each winter.

But as an adult who no longer ice fishes, I have often wondered, if any fishing at all is being done, or is it just one huge excuse for a party?  And what fashion statement does an ice-fisherwoman make? 

But to get the real perspective I had to ask Junonia’s banker, Nate, an ice fishing lover. 

So Nate, what is so special about ice fishing?  
It’s getting away! 

Do you do ANY fishing?  
You do fish, but my favorite thing is going out by myself in my own shack, have the radio on, away from everything.   It’s more private than being in a boat in the summer. 

So what else do you like? 
  There’s a party aspect and the comraderie is fun. I’m not going to lie, there is a lot of drinking and gambling going on.  But there’s family stuff too.  I’ve taken my family up for the day and we spend the night at the lodge.  My daughter likes it even more than my wife.  Sometimes one of the guys shovels off an ice skating rink for the kids, and we grill out for meals.  It’s a lot of fun for the kids.

Do any women ice fish?  
There are more than you think.  There are quite a few couples, too.

So Nate, What do women who ice fish wear? 
  "Women wear fur!”
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