Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top Ten Fitness Trends to Watch for 2012

Top Ten Fitness Trends to Watch for 2012

  1. Dance, dance, dance!   Zumba and more.  You’ll be seeing dance opportunities everywhere for real women, not just the stars.  Ballroom to Latin, enjoy the beat for the most fun workout ever. What to wear?  Definitely leggings!
  2. Yoga for all.  There is now a yoga style for everyone, from meditative stretching, to intense!  Most places let you try out a class to see if it is for you, so sample away to find your bliss.  What to wear?  QuikWik™ for ultimate stretch. 
  3. Group and personal training.  Getting the most out of your time is the reason more and more people are choosing to use a personal trainer.  Trainers are organized!  They set up the weights and equipment so in one hour you can accomplish a lot!  Look for experience and certifications.  You want to gain strength without injury.  Price a problem?  Ask about sharing a session with a friend, or regular group “boot camp” that will keep you motivated.  Whining with friends is part of the appeal!  What to wear?  A good sports bra.
  4. Life Balance is now a fitness trend.  You’ll see more programs that combine mindfulness or some kind of meditation, with fitness and even nutrition.  People are finding out that to achieve the overall results they want, they need to look at more than just their fitness routine. 
  5. Pets.  Our pets need us to keep them fit, and we need them to motivate us.  Look for more walking companions, and a few skateboarding dogs!  Walk in any weather!
  6. Core/Balance.  Building endurance is important, but it must be complemented with strength of the core balance muscles.  For those of us who sit all day, this is really important to avoid back and other chronic injuries.  Look for classes stressing core work.
  7. Equipment mixes up the workout.  It’s not the old-fashioned weight room anymore.  Look for all kinds of balls, belts, straps, and novel weights like kettle bells.  Look for classes that make use of all these new toys, distracting you into a great workout! 
  8. A new approach to dieting.  Dieting works for less than 10% of people.  A combination approach has a better chance of long-term success.  Look for programs that take a more “holistic” approach.  These don’t promise quick weight-loss, and are focused on long-term improvement of health overall.  Look for programs that develop a social network for on-going motivation.
  9. Technology.   Want ideas on stretching?  Want to track your activities?  Want to plug in your heart rate numbers from your last workout?  If you can dream it, it is probably online with an app or one coming soon to an iPad near you!
  10. Daily fitness.  A counter trend to more classes, trainers, equipment is the daily fitness trend. People simply fit in fitness to their usual routines.  Examples? Walking to and from a car, taking the bus, biking 1-2 days a week, walking to the store, taking hiking vacations, having walking meetings at work, taking a walk break instead of a coffee break, breaking out the hula hoop for 5 minutes.  What to wear? Junonia’s Juno© Stretch Naturals that go from work to play. 


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