Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Staying in Shape on a Cruise

If you love to cruise, but hate the thought of getting out of your workout routine here are some great ways to stay in shape.
  • Check out your ship’s amenities before you leave. Also the ports you’ll be calling at to see what kind of shore activities they offer.  Do a walking tour instead of a bus tour.
  • Try something new.  Yoga? Snorkeling? Massage? Zip lines? Aqua Exercise?  Remembera swimsuit. 
  • Bring great walking shoes, at least two pair!  The best advice is to take the stairs and walk whenever you can. 
  • Enjoy your meals, avoid the snacks.
  • Drink lots of water, and less of sugary hi-calorie drinks.
  • Check out the workout facilities, they are often spa-quality with great views. 
  • Watch the sun!  Nothing ruins a workout routine, or your vacation, like serious sun burn. Make sure to cover yourself to avoid full sun exposure.
  • Enjoy with a Friend.  Walking the ship with a friend, seeing everything your ship has to offer, is a special joy of cruising. 

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