Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ring in the New Year with Resolutions Designed to Succeed

Ring in the New Year with Resolutions Designed to Succeed Since most resolutions “fail” should you make any? Yes! Even though most fail, people who make resolutions are MUCH MORE LIKELY TO SUCCEED. So if at first you fail, go ahead and fail knowing you will eventually be far ahead of those who do NOT make resolutions. At Junonia we hope one of your resolutions is to take care of yourself, and to get the exercise your body needs.

Here are some tips for you to consider as ways to improve your odds of great success:

Make it fun. This can be a simple as changing your perspective. Why think about exercise as ‘work” when actually, it is as close to childhood as most adults get! What a joy! Skip rope, ride a bike, read a cheezy magazine, avoid “real” work, play with friends, sweat and get dirty, jump in a pool. You know you’ve achieved a new mindset when you find yourself feeling a little guilty as you slip out to the gym for some fun and relaxation.

Make it social. Unless you are the 25% of people who are introverts, who loves the peace and rejuvenation of working out alone, most of us like the social part of exercise. Make it part of your motivation. You don’t need to have a workout partner every day to keep you motivated. A once a week workout date is often enough to keep you going on the other days, too. Make sure you are both committed to being there and being on time. Develop several workout buddies for different activities and different days. Over time you’ll find you have a whole new circle of friends.

Know yourself. One person only needs to write it down and she does it! Another who resists documentation like it is a disease. Think about other times you have successfully accomplished your goals. How did you do it? What has worked in the past is highly likely to work for you again.

Buy support. It is not a character failure to buy the support of a personal trainer. You will learn a lot about your body, you will make gains more quickly than on your own, and you will have a lower probability of injury. Find a trainer that works with people like you by asking around. Credentials are important, but so is a personality match. You’ll spend quite a bit of time with this person, so make sure you can like them, even when they are making your work hard!

Set Specific Goals. Smaller more specific goals are the pathway to bigger things. Be patient and kind, but persistent with yourself. Sign up for a 5K walk in 2-3 months and get ready!

Tell others. A goal becomes real when you are willing to tell others. You might feel a little vulnerable at first, but being willing to be accountable to others will help make your goals a reality. They will want to know what they can do to help – so tell them! Can they watch your kids while you fast-walk the dog around the neighborhood? Can they stop buying ice cream and instead stock the freezer with low-cal treats? Will your friends join you for a weekly walk and make a healthy meal after—with leftovers for the rest of the week? 

Reward yourself. New clothes from Junonia are always motivating! What else are you doing to celebrate your commitment to yourself? One woman we know sets a twice a month splurge of Dairy Queen for herself. For another it’s the monthly pedicure.

Be kind to yourself. We will all fail in our resolutions at some point. But it is not all or none. One slip does not failure make. Just start again! Just like children joyfully learning to walk, stumbling, falling, laughing, and starting again!
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