Thursday, January 26, 2012

Online Fitness Programs Growing In Popularity

The benefits of a personal trainer and the convenience of the Internet have come together in the latest fitness trend: online personal training. Nicole Keith, Ph.D., Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine explains that online personal training is convenient and effective. 

Keith and a team of researchers tracked the effectiveness of their own online group fitness program. They followed 40 previously inactive adults who saw marked improvements in all physical abilities - with a 34-percent improvement in arm curls, a 31-percent improvement in the step test and a two-inch gain in upper body flexibility. "We also saw mental gains." said Keith. "The participants began to believe in their abilities during those eight weeks." 

All fitness programs come with pros and cons. While online training is accessible, convenient and affordable, it can also be risky for clients who are not honest about their abilities. Still, Keith believes online training programs are here to stay. 

Have you used an online fitness program?  What did you think about it? 

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