Monday, November 21, 2011

Stay on Your Exercise Program While Travelling!

Anne Kelly’s top tips for staying on your exercise program when travelling.
  • Make it fun. Go to the spa, sign up for the cheapest service you can that gives you a guest pass to the fancy workout rooms and pools. I’ve had so much fun doing this! It’s now my favorite thing to do when I have to go to a trade show. You don’t even need to be registered at the hotel. And when you are done working out, that spa service is the ultimate in relaxation!
  • Don’t hurry. Bring a book or magazine and put in a little lounging time while you are there. Be sure to bring a swimsuit!
  • Use the machines. And now many gyms have TV’s or Radios you can plug into while exercising. Don’t forget your headset or just ask for one. Try out all the channels while you try out the elliptical, the treadmill, and the recumbent bike. Or better yet bring a book or that new e-reader. Time will fly!
  • Try one new machine or workout toy every day. Don’t be shy, strike up a conversation with someone using something new to you. But don’t overdo anything new. You don’t want to make yourself sore when you are traveling.
  • Take a class. Yoga is different everywhere you go.Or how about finally trying out a Zumba class? It’s addicting.
  • Use travel wait time for stretching. Travel entails a lot of waiting; in line, for your bags, before a flight. Don’t hate it, stretch it! You can try simple yoga moves, or get on the floor and really stretch! You’ll feel great. If people are looking at you, it is only because they are jealous. Close your eyes to really enjoy your wait time. Travel in easy-moving Junonia ActiveLife Pants.
  • The best exercise when travelling? Walking! Around the ship or through neighborhoods you’d never see otherwise, strap on those shoes and put on great walking gear from Junonia and really make your trip one you’ll remember!
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