Friday, November 4, 2011

Make it Easy to Keep Your Exercise Intentions: Best Gym Bag Practices

If you want to stick with you exercise plans, examine your gym bag practices! It seems like a small thing, but it can have a big impact. Your bag is one key to enjoying your gym routine. Set yourself up for success. With just a touch of planning, you’ll never find yourself standing in a cold shower without a towel or working out on the recumbent bike in your high heels!

Ask yourself these questions:
Do I have everything I need routinely in there? Leave all the basics in your bag and just switch out the things that get wet or sweaty.

Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, towel, comb/brush, makeup
Swim cap, goggles,Swimsuit
Water bottle
Workout Clothes such as: Quikwik, Juno Stretch Naturals, High Control Sports Bras, and wicking underwear
Great-fitting shoes and workout socks.
A lock for the locker
Music and headphones, a book for the treadmill or bike
Gym membership card
Other? A couple of dollars for coffee after?

Questions to consider when preparing your gym bag:
Have I cleared out anything else so I have just what I need? Clutter in any bag is de-motivating and distracting.
Do I empty and re-fill my bag EVERY time at the SAME time that I come back from the gym, so I’m ready to go for the next time?
Do I have enough clothes for up to a week of complete sets so I don’t have to do laundry to replenish my bag? It is so nice to just grab and go. It’s a great investment in you.
Do I have an obvious place I always put my bag so I can’t forget it in the rush out the door?
Do I love my bag? If not, treat yourself to one that will always make you smile and will generate compliments. No more ugly gym bags!
Do I like my bag routine? Fiddle around with it until it becomes a favorite part of your day.
Can I rent a small locker for personal care items, or use the towel service to make the bag lighter?
Are you ready? With your bag packed and ready, sitting by the door, making you smile -- just grab it and go!
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