Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Inspirational Letter From Lisa C.

I received the following letter from Lisa C. who shares how Junonia changed her life. It was so inspiring I wanted to share her experiences with all of you.
~Anne Kelly
Dear Ms. Kelly,
In May, I started a journey to gain health and happiness. I started working out with a trainer two times a week, and Aqua Fit a couple of times a week. Although I lost my job a couple of weeks into my journey, I never wavered. I am decreasing weight and building muscle in the place of the fat. I am also working on releasing the baggage from past abuse that allowed me to think that somehow putting on weight would insulate me. While those memories have faded, I am going to continue on this journey until I am completely healed from the emotional badgering that I continue within myself. I now look forward to a healthier and happier future.
Your products have certainly helped me. I wear numerous t-shirts that I've purchased from Junonia including your Philosophy T-shirts with inspiring messages on them that push me to success. I have no less than 4 or 5 swimsuits---2 have now faded though (the dual colors--black/fuchsia, black/purple) and your dual-layer shorts are fantastic. If it hadn't been for Junonia, I wouldn't have had the confidence to work out in the gym at all. Thank you for your products.
I will keep you updated on my progress.
Lisa C.
Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On....
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