Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Gift Idea #1: Hug Her with Cozy and Warm Fleece

It’s hard to remember a time before poly fleece. But it all started in the late 1970’s with Malden Mills in Massachusetts. Before fleece, when people wanted to stay warm, they wore wool. It was warm but heavy, hard to wash, and itchy. Malden created new super lightweight polyester fibers and they knit them into fluffy fabrics that were soft, washable, and highly insulating. This innovative fabric quickly went from sports specialists like Patagonia, to the masses, and is now seen everywhere in all quality levels.
Looking for that perfect gift? Junonia fleece is a sure fire hit. Top-quality, smooth to the hand, and oh-so-soft. It hugs the recipient with love. Fun, upbeat colors, go everywhere, from outdoor activities to casual fashion wear. Choose extra warm double layer and reversible styles to versatile single layer styles that can be worn all year long.
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