Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Having Fun and Staying Fit with Your Family in the Winter!!

Baby it’s cold outside! Frigid temps and overcast skies can sometimes zap your determination to make it to the gym. And with friends stopping by and family visiting, decorating, cooking, baking and in general surviving the holidays, finding time to sweat off that sweet bun can be near impossible. If your house is anything like mine, your kids are bouncing off the walls with Santa anticipation and a sugar high courtesy of the in-laws. Your holiday cheer is melting faster than a snowflake in a cup of hot chocolate.
The solution? Take the whole gang outside and burn some of that energy as well as those frosty feelings as a family. Bundle up the kids, then yourself in your cold weather gear from and head out into freezing world of fun. You will get to spend some quality time as a family and make up for a missed gym opportunity.

What to actually do? Let your kids be your guide, use your imagination and let loose. Here are some examples!
  • Find the local sledding hill, instead of watching bring an extra sled and use it! Sledding is exhilarating and the walk back up the hill will reach deep into your legs and behind. Be sure to wear something water proof like Junonia’s Alpine Ski Pant, otherwise you will suffer with a cold wet bottom.
  • Build a snowman or snowwoman! Looks easy when you see your kids finished product, but pushing massive snowballs around the yard can be a challenge!
  • If you live close to a frozen body of water, play a little boot-broom hockey. Make sure the ice is safe before walking onto it. I would recommend a pond or lake that is open to the public and is in use by other families for safety purposes. Grab a snow shovel, a soccer ball and some brooms. First clear an area of snow for your “rink.” Make your kids help, this is hard work. Set makers for goals on each end, I use snowballs, and play a little family game of hockey using the brooms as sticks and the soccer ball as a puck. You will be laughing and sweating in no time and don’t even need to buy skates! Make sure to layer using a wicking base layer to stay dry and comfortable.
  • Build a few snow forts one day. When your entire family arrives, play a huge game of capture the flag complete with snowball fight. It’s a great stress reliever and work out!
  • Go on a photo safari. Take a nice long walk through the woods with a camera and encourage your kids to take pictures of the surrounding winter wonderland.
Your kids aren’t going to look back when they are 30 and fondly remember you pre-washing the Spode Christmas Dinner table settings. They will remember you shrieking like a maniac after they launch you down a hill on a 7 dollar plastic sled and the magnificent crash into fresh powder at the bottom! Point being sometimes we spend so much energy on making the holidays “perfect” we forget what is really important.

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and work on your fitness with the family!

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