Friday, October 21, 2011

Love Your Body Today

It seems odd that we, especially us women, need to be reminded to love our bodies. After all, our bodies make everything in our lives possible. If we love someone, our bodies show it, if we enjoy something, it’s because our bodies make that feeling possible, if we feel someone’s pain, well we would not without a body, right?

The problem is this idea of “perfect.” How on earth did we ever buy into that idea? The truth is that there is not much that is perfect in nature. And if everything was “perfect” there would be little variety, and no opportunity for nature to continue to evolve and improve. Imagine a world of “perfect” specimens. Boring!

It is good that we humans strive. We strive to protect ourselves and our families, we strive to innovate to create a better world, we strive to be healthy and live a long life. We also strive to enjoy our lives and looking and feeling good is a part of that.

The most wonderful thing about fashion is the fun and joy of self-expression. Fashion is at its best when we feel free to wear those things that make our hearts sing.

So wear something today that makes you feel wonderful. Something that reminds you how much you truly love and appreciate your unique, special and wonderful body.

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