Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cozy, Colorful and Carefree Fleece!

Treat yourself to the lightweight wonder of fleece!

Fashionable, Functional, and Fun Fleece
Remember the old days when fall meant pulling out heavy wool sweaters? While much loved, they were often itchy, too warm, required dry cleaning, and took up all the room in the suitcase. Fleece has made all that a distant memory. With the new technical polyester fibers knitted into soft, fluffy, cozy fleece--you’ll never go back! But not all fleece is the same. At Junonia we are picky about our fabrics and we bring you the highest quality functional fleece that feels simply wonderful to wear.

The Many Functions of Fleece.
Fleece can be worn next to the skin like a tee. Non-itchy, try it like a tee for a cooler day. Fleece can layer on fleece for additional warmth and some wind-resistance. Two layers can be greater than one; still light, but amazingly warm.

Fleece can top a wicking shirt for additional warmth. Add a wind blocking third layer and you’ll match the warmth of many winter jackets. This layering system is the way to go for aerobic activities like walking, jogging, and cross country skiing. You easily can shed layers as you get warm. (Remember to avoid water absorbing fabrics like cotton for aerobic activities.)

Fashion. Colorful soft fleece combines with all your casual gear from jeans and flannels to top your yoga gear.

Travel. Nothing travels better than fleece. Wear it onto a plane for warmth, use it as a pillow and you’ll still step off looking fresh and fashionable!

Fast-drying. Washable. Long-lasting. You’ll love All Of Our Fleece!
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