Thursday, September 15, 2011

It Starts with Fiber!

It starts with the Fiber!

I’ve got a fascination with fiber animals lately. (You’ve probably noticed that Junonia always has wonderful fabrics, and that’s because we know it starts with great fiber.) So last weekend I went out to the Shepherd’s Harvest Festival here in Minnesota. Susan Noble our Director of Merchandise came with me and we had a blast. While Susan was picking up creative ideas from all the knitters, weavers, spinners and felters who were exhibiting there, I headed right to the animals.

Fun Animal Fiber Facts:

  • Did you know that Lllama and Alpaca fibers are hollow inside making them much warmer and lighter than wool?
  • Did you know that wool is naturally rain resistant because of the lanolin in it? That’s why unprocessed wool makes your hands so soft. However, most wool has the lanolin washed out before it is made into fiber.
  • Did you know the wool from each breed of sheep feels different and has different characteristics such as kinkiness (a natural springiness) or length, resulting in smoother or rougher feeling fiber?
  • Did you know cashmere comes from the undercoat of goats?
  • Did you know mohair comes from angora goats?
  • Did you know angora comes from Rabbits? They were SO cute! But I remain confused as to why there are both angora goats and angora rabbits – although I think it comes from their common Turkish roots.

Picture: Here’s Anne in a favorite old Junonia style from MMac petting a sheep. This beautiful sheep was so friendly. He was happy to have his picture taken with everyone. His owners are two young farmers getting into specialty farming.

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