Friday, August 12, 2011

Interview with Bianca Jade

Use Fashion Trends to Motivate your Workout: Interview with Bianca Jade, founder of is a place where fashion and fitness come together. By drawing on your inner fashionista, you can find a source of motivation for working out. MizzFit is about strengthening your commitment to fitness with attention to fashion.

I started because I needed something “extra” to get motivated to stay in shape, and thought other women would be interested. I’m a life-long fitness enthusiast and athlete. But we all struggle with those moments when you are just not inspired.

I began by thinking about what positive motivations women have in common. I realized most women have a love for fashion, decorating, and shopping. It’s in our blood! So builds on that love, to help encourage women in a fun way to get into shape.

I am a Fitness Trend Expert and Women’s Active Lifestyles Coach. I report on fitness trends on and other media outlets. I also consult with women who are looking to turn their lives around by getting into shape with the extra motivation a personal coach can provide. I don’t use scare tactics, I use strategies that reflect the things they love. I incorporate music, favorite activities, and shopping tips to look and feel your best when working out.

A big trend I’m seeing is accessorizing for fitness. For example, watches are a great accessory, so find a heart rate monitor that looks great. Headbands are trendy so find a really cool sweat resistant headband for your workout. I’ve seen new waterproof jelly watches you can swim with. I’m also seeing headphones that are built into sweat resistant headbands. They are very cute and more comfortable than ear buds. I also love elastic belts that hold a phone or keys, and they also tuck in a long tee and cinch in the waist. It is very flattering for the curvy woman.

If you love your gadgets, use them to bring excitement to your workout. Bring an MP3 you dig and clip it to your outfit. It will look cool, and those songs will make the time fly by! When we are engaged, we strengthen our commitment to workout.

For plus size women I always recommend a slim, sleek legging or capri in dark tones, with some side leg stitching or detail. I think it creates a long leg line. Then top it off with a fuller top. The contrast of fullness with the slim leggings is so much better than baggy overall. I think a great pair of tights is the most flattering thing for almost any woman. Another trend I like is yoga skirts, like the ones by They hug your curves in all the right way. I love these on plus size women. It has that whole aura of femininity.

Use color on top. I love bright colors, like summer greens, yellows, and bright neon tones. Pink is a universally flattering color for all skin colors. But wear what makes you happy. Look for flowy patterns and designs, like the ones by Stella McCartney for Nike. You can wear these with your designer jeans. Try a lightweight burnout tee. Full tees can hide trouble sports and provide coverage, but always look for something a little more out-of-the box. Pay attention to fit and trimmings. You can find some items at places like Target. You don’t have to spend a lot to look cute.

The most important things to spend money on are your undergarments. The right bra is critical to your comfort. Invest in really great workout bras, and buy panties that are sweat resistant and wicking, designed to last through tons of washes.

My no-no is white . It’s the worst color for fitness clothes, because if you sweat in them they can be see-through and get stained with sweat. And white is not the most flattering color. There are other light and beautiful colors that are comfortable out in the sun.

I find that most of my readers are “aspiring” women trying to get somewhere with fitness and health, and they use to help them get there. That excites me. I love when they email me, send pictures and reach out to me. No matter what size we are, we are all in the same boat!

I like to tell women ways to be active that are convenient. You don’t necessarily have to go to a boot camp. I have a hula hoop, and if I can’t get to the gym, I’ll hula hoop while I watch the news. You can do a phone meeting while you are doing a power walk.

And I tell women it’s never too late to get started. My mom has gotten more active recently, and I’m so proud of her. She has so much more energy. Little changes can have big results!

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