Friday, July 8, 2011

What does the name Junonia mean?

Q: What does the name Junonia mean?

A: When I started Junonia, I wanted to find a name that referenced the products and the spirit of the company. Junonia is dedicated to serving the active lives of women, and looking through books for ideas, I came across the goddess Juno. About the same time, I had visited Sanibel Island in Florida where the rare Junonia seashell washes up from the Gulf of Mexico.

I loved both stories, the seashell and the goddess. The rare and beautiful seashell, representing a natural woman, takes its name from the goddess Juno. The goddess Juno is the supreme goddess, responsible for the well-being of women. I especially liked the fact that she is always depicted in art as a larger-than-life woman. She is described as powerful and beautiful.

These themes, natural health, beauty, and powerful womanhood had a strong appeal. Junonia is about providing women the clothing that makes them feel and look great. When we help women feel that way, they feel like the goddess Juno, beautiful and powerful.

-Anne Kelly

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