Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aquatards, one of our greatest hists.

A garment originally designed for tri-athletes can seem pretty intimidating, but the features that make this swimsuit perfect for a triathlon, also make it the perfect swimsuit for many Junonia customers. Once you try it, you may never want another suit.
For those of us who are just TRYING athletes, these aquatards give us the muscle support that helps us keep moving and having fun longer. It is great to wear in water aerobics class because it keeps my jiggly legs from creating a mini tsunami.
The long zip front is a big help in getting it on and off, and the straps on both of Junonia’s aquatards stay in place during swimming or other exercise. The colorful trim on the V-neck cross back style is a great feature – it’s not just another black suit.
So next time you shop for a swim suit, consider stepping into an aquatard. You will love it!

Janet Madrigal
Director of Inventory Planning
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