Monday, June 6, 2011

Styles and How They Have Changed

When I look back over the 15 years of Junonia, it is fun to see styles come and go. Remember stirrup pants? We sold a lot of those in the mid-nineties. And how about caftans? Junonia has been in business over 15 years, long enough that some of those styles are re-trending in new forms. For example, tie dye is back but in more artful and clever designs. And leggings have returned in force. But I’m not seeing those stirrup pants back – yet!
At Junonia we focus on two things, function and form. First, we make clothes that function for the purpose of the wearer. If our clothes don’t FEEL GREAT, it really doesn’t matter how they look. Then we make sure it also LOOKS GREAT. We are lucky, because we focus ONLY on the plus size woman, so we can start with a plus size model, and make sure the designs truly fit and flatter.
Our fit model, Kris, gives us lots of advice about how samples feel and look, and our technical designer, Rachel, is absolutely persistent in making sure every style we do works well andlooks great.
Over the years we have brought many fashion trends to Junonia customers. But we have occasionally ignored some popular trends. Why? They did NOT work for the womanly body. Remember exposed midriffs? That was one trend we ignored!
As the years have passed, the plus size woman has become more and more fashionable. Shewants the newest colors and looks, NOW, not next year. That has been fun to see. We have also seen a greater sophistication about how she wants to flatter her unique shape. While some women prefer a loose cut, more women are now asking for body skimming styles that highlight her assets. And in the gym, she is asking for the best technical fabrics – an area where Junonia shines.
As always, we listen carefully to customer feedback on what she would like to see Junonia carry. While it’s fun to watch what the celebrities are wearing, its customers that count! Email your style comments and requests to
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