Friday, June 10, 2011


Lets just state the obvious; I would make a horrible weather woman. I have horrible luck and many will acknowledge that. My friends have now stopped asking me to come with them even to play bingo for they find that they would have good luck on those times I am not with, and have the most terrible luck on those that I do tag along.
So when I was asked to make a prediction I found it to be amusing. I am curious to see if I can make one guess that might come true.
For the clothing industry I see it going “green”. This may be an obvious conjecture, however there are many signs around proving my point such as; my little niece plays at a park where it is made from recycled rubber. And, looking at one of my favorite catalogs they have shoes made out of yoga mats. I can only imagine how we will be dazzled with new innovative ideas using our old stuff we deemed no good.
Another idea came to me as I sipped a cup of coffee; fair trade coffee beans. They have really been making waves so why not apply the same notion to the fashion world. In an economy where it still has yet to get back to what it once was why not be economically savvy? Trying to get more countries that are not as fortunate as ours involved could feasibly be the next step.
Please feel free to make your own predictions and how you think things will change.
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