Monday, June 20, 2011

Our best source of inspiration...

I am sure you have heard it said that ‘Junonia Designs their garments with you in mind.’ But what does that mean?
At Junonia the product development team gets ideas from a lot of different places. Our best source of inspiration is actually you! We receive a lot of customer emails about everything from sleeve lengths, to swim needs.
The other big source of ideas is Anne Kelly herself. She is a very active woman with a knack for finding fellow plus size ladies out and about! She has no fear when it comes to talking to people and finding out how we can serve them better.
When customers tell us about their problems or needs we start working on solutions. We test out designs and patterns and have samples made for wear-tested to comment on before the designs are ever seen in a catalog. The best example of one of our solutions is the Dual layer shorts (pictured on the left)! They may look funny but they fill a need. They are two shorts in one. The outer short is loose and the inner short is fitted and supportive. The best part is that they share the same inseam gusset, so the two shorts are not competing and riding up!
Let us know if there is something we can design to improve your workouts or everyday wear. We would love to hear your ideas!
Product Development
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