Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How JunoActive fabrics help your workout

Have you ever tried working out in a big t-shirt and loose cotton shorts? The harder you work the more moisture your t-shirt absorbs. It begins to cling and weigh you down and ultimately makes your workout even tougher.
At JunoActive we have given a lot of consideration to how to improve your workouts. Not only have we designed styles to inspire and motivate, we have also used fabrics to make your workouts easier, no matter what your activity is.
Our popular QuikWik fabric is great for high impact activities like biking, aerobics, tennis or running. Unlike the old t-shirt and shorts Quikwik doesn’t absorb moisture. Instead, the fibers carry the moisture from your body away to the outer surface where it can quickly evaporate away. On top of its awesome wicking properties, QuikWik also offers 50 UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) from the sun and even supports your muscles when worn close to the body like in our QuikWik leggings, capris and bike shorts!
If high impact activities are not for you than our Juno Stretch Naturals styles are a customer favorite you should try. These styles are more suited to low impact activities, like yoga or walking. The soft, breathable fabric moves with you and does not restrict your motion. It has good resistance to abrasion and is strong even when wet.
Being active can be difficult, but finding the right clothing for your activities shouldn’t be. JunoActive is there to help you on your journey and make sure you look and feel your best through innovative technical fabrics and inspiring styles.

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