Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dual Layered Shorts

Junonia’s Greatest Hits

Summertime has arrived, which means “Short Season” is here. This is not a favorite time of year when one of your nicknames is “thunder thighs”. It makes so much sense to wear a tasteful pair of shorts when the weather is warm, but when they ride up they look terrible and feel worse.
This is why the dual layer short was created, and here’s how it works:
There is a close fitting inner short (a gusset), that will keep the short in place. It absolutely will not ride up between your legs! The need to keep tugging on your shorts while walking is eliminated, and so is soreness from chafing.
Junonia’s dual layer shorts come in two styles, both are made with a close fitting knit inner short in QuikWik fabric that wicks away moisture. One style has an outer short of a cotton/nylon woven fabric, and the other is made from a light weight mesh that features a fashionable white piping trim.
Suddenly, Summer Short Season is something to look forward to.

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