Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ski Wear Preview: Plus Size Ski Jackets and Pants Exclusively from Junonia! Silk Underwear too!

There is a touch of chill in the air! Don't despair, we have the perfect winter gear for you! Exclusively designed for the plus-size active woman, our winter wear combines comfort, style and warmth so you can enjoy your active life even during the colder months.

We have a variety of cold weather styles at Junonia including Alpine Ski Pants. They have all the bells and whistles of the best technical ski pants including easy entry leg zips, gaiters, reinforced hems, elastic back and flat front styling for easy movement. Our High-Waist Ski Pants option is great for snowmobiling, sledding, and snowboarding.

Our Ski Jackets are also second to none, with our most popular being the high-value 3-in-1 Alpine Jacket. When worn as a set you'll brave any conditions, but when the weather eases, enjoy the fleece zip out jacket and the outer rain resistant shell as a separate jackets. We have an amazing and versatile collection of Ski Wear we know you will love. Junonia garments are created for top-quality function, but we don't stop there. We think these are the most flattering jackets you'll find anywhere. Low-bulk and High Performance... Perfect!

Back by popular demand is our Silk Underwear. It is a natural warmth that takes almost no room under your clothes. they also can be worn as luxurious silk pajamas as well!

We hope these collections give you the warmth and comfort you need to enjoy your favorite winter activities!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recall Stretch Denim Jeans are a Hit - It's in the Fabric! Start with Quality, then add Fit and Style!

I just got two of your recall denim four-cornered jeans and LOVE them! Honestly it is the first time in years I have been able to wear jeans again. They have a great amount of stretch but look just like regular jeans!

Being smaller where jeans sit at my waist but being much larger in the belly and hips has left me with jeans that are big in the waist but fit everyplace else or fitting in the waist and tighter everywhere else and feeling ill sitting down in them. So it's been years of knit pants and wishing I had jeans. These are wonderful!

Could you make them in more finishes? Also, if you could make these with no zip and full elastic (but with pockets) they would actually also be handy as casual exercise pants. I also love the wide legs as these balance me out and look good so keep the wide legs coming!

Just wanted to pass the praise!

Dear Melanie,
Wow! There is not much I can add to that! We are proud to say that here at Junonia we fit each style on a plus size live model to achieve the perfect fit. We are very picky about our designs, patterns, fabrics and construction. I can't take any credit, we have a wonderful design team that is simply very talented. And yes, more colors and styles are on the drawing board!

Thanks so much for writing!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jumping in the Pool with Junonia! Find like-minded friends who love the water.

We find our customers at Junonia love to swim. It is the 2nd highest activity right behind walking. One of the biggest concerns for plus size women is finding a suit that not only feels good, but is functional as well. We have an extensive collection of swimwear that we are very proud of. We have designed and developed each piece with careful thought and consideration to what the Junonia woman wants and needs.

I started swimming nearly every day about 18 months ago. I don't swim particularly fast or long, but that doesn't matter to me. I think the consistency is what is important. I feel stronger, more coordinated and I certainly have more energy. I find swimming to be a great stress reliever as well. Memories of a hard day seem to disappear as I am gliding through the water like a mermaid. It almost feels like a light massage.

Sometimes there are those days where I need a little motivation to get in the pool. One trick I use is to tell myself I only need to get my suit on and get into the sauna. Once there of course, I will get into the pool and swim, but it's the little baby steps that sometimes help get over the mental hump.

Even better is to call a swimming buddy and meet them at the pool. One fail safe companion is my sister. She is great at getting me excited to swim. She is always on the ball and honking at my door it seems like before I can get my things in my gym bag. My swimming circle has grown slowly, but I now have four friends that I can meet at the pool regularly. When we need a motivational boost, we can always count on each other. All we have to say is "Meet you there!". What a difference that can make! Some people have a knitting circle or book group, but we have our swimming society. You can too!

I'd love to hear about your underwater adventures!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Junonia Embraces Activity for Every Woman at Every Size

There’s been a lot in the news lately about size and size acceptance. At Junonia we have an inclusive philosophy-we want EVERY woman to feel great in her body and to embrace her active life. That’s why we focus on plus-size activewear.

Marilyn Wann, size acceptance advocate, recently published some great ideas for ALL people, but with special words for large women:

- Don't put your life on hold. Do something that you've been telling yourself you'll do after you lose weight. It might be a trying a sport, buying a new outfit, applying for a high-profile job, or asking somebody on a date.
- Swear off dieting. Food addiction, or compulsive overeating, is often a reaction to dieting, which can be an addiction in itself. Many people find that when they stop restricting food, they also stop abusing or overusing it.
- Be a subject, not an object. Women's bodies have been scrutinised for so long in our society that it's easy to lose sight of what it's like to live inside them. Use deep breathing, meditation and movement to help you experience your body from the inside out.
- Ask for support. Tell health care providers that you don't think weight loss dieting is realistic or healthy, and ask them not to make it part of your treatment plan. Ask what medical advice they'd give a thin person with the same complaints or conditions. Ask friends to avoid diet talk or deprecating remarks about your body or theirs, even if mutual commiseration about struggling with your weight has been a bonding experience in the past.
- Move your body. Research shows that women who are exercising are happier with their bodies and their size, regardless of whether they're losing weight. Find out what forms of exercise you enjoy. Try movement that's not a prescribed regimen but simply a part of your life, such as dancing or walking. Check with a doctor about any new exercise plan. One who's familiar with the concept of health at every size will have ideas about which exercises large bodies can do and benefit from.
And when you are ready to try something new, or to trade up to a great new swimsuit—check us out! www.junonia.com We hope we help you feel comfortable in the skin you are in!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hiking in the Olympic Peninsula - Plus size wicking comfort!

I recently had a great 4-day hiking adventure in the Olympic National Park in Washington State. I was a little nervous, as I've mostly been swimming. The first day was easy, we hiked through the Hoh Rain Forest. It was beautiful! I'll always remember the rain forest as a dry, warm, sunny place. There was so much to see and so many wonderful animals to see. There was a herd of elk sunning on the stream bed looking like they were enjoying themselves in Florida. All they needed was a poolside service!

The second day we drove through Fork (location of the vampires in the Twilight series) on the way to the coast. This was a big hiking day, 3 miles out and back on boardwalks with lots of steps up and down, but it was 3 miles of the most dramatic beach scape I have ever seen including barking sea lions, huge trees, volcanic rocks, petraglyphs, and sunshine! It was a long, hard day, but I made it and even felt fine!

The next day we went up the mountain on what ended up being my favorite trail. There were huge trees, migrating butterflies, filtered light, and bubbling streams. It was so gorgeous I was distracted from how long the hike really was. I will definitely recall this place and setting while I meditate!

Throughout my travels there seems to be one common pitfall. I always over pack. But this trip I finally got it right! I limited myself to my carry-on bag, and a backpack. How? You might ask. Since the #1 priority was my feet, I brought extra shoes, which didn't leave much room for clothes. The secret to my perfect packing was no cotton! Not a stitch. Everything was made of wicking and quick-drying fabrics. Thank heavens I work for Junonia. I only had to open my drawers at home and before I knew it I was all packed and ready to go. These fabrics not only kept me comfortable and dry they also packed like a dream. I rolled them up and they fit so well in my little bags. I was able to layer for warmth or just as easily take layers off in the sun. Not only was I feeling good I was looking good too!

I would love to hear your stories about recent trips and vacations!
Please feel free to share!

Be sure to check out the group we traveled with: www.wildernessinquiry.com. They specialize in adventure travel that welcomes people with disabilities. This was my second trip with this group and you can bet it won't be my last!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hit the Trail in Junonia TrailTek Separates! Camping, Walking, and Urban Adventuring - In Innovative Stretch Fabric

Dear Ms Kelly,
I LOVE the new TrailTek shorts I ordered last week. This is the best fabric, and I feel like it will really hold up and last. It would be great to have a TrailTek vest with lots of pockets! I hope you might consider having some longer short options like the crinkle shorts or the center seam shorts again for the next Summer season.
Have a great Fall!

Dear Cristy,
I love your ideas for Spring. Several new items are already on the drawing board here at Junonia! Our designer looked long and hard for the perfect functional fabric. We wanted something not too heavy, yet abrasion resistant. It had to be quick-drying for canoeing, hiking and even traveling to Paris. It also needed to have a lovely soft "hand" and a quiet "no swish" appeal. We found it! But our designer didn't stop there, she actually added the touches and details that will make our TrailTek collection a favorite for everyday.

Enjoy the trails wherever they lead you!
Best wishes,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How can I reach Customer Service at Junonia

Dear Ms. Kelly,
I am a long time Junonia customer. I love your products and feel you fill a very important niche for the active size 14 and up woman. I am an evangelist for your brand telling others about the quality products you can't find anywhere else.

However, I am writing to express some dissatisfaction with the inability to contact someone in customer service via e-mail. I attempted to contact you through your Twitter account as well. So I am left only with the option of calling your customer service which is not my preferred way to communicate.

Please consider reinstating an email contact for customer service.

Dear Alice,
You, the customer, are right! We will be bringing back customer service via e-mail on the website soon. We are very proud of our customer service, and we always stand behind our products.

Frankly, e-mail is a difficult animal and actually we have found in many cases, it takes longer to resolve issues by e-mail than a direct phone call. That's because our representatives are empowered to take action immediately, so there is no back-and-forth or transferring for approvals in nearly all cases. We think our phone representatives are at the top of their game.

So the quickest way to contact us is to call us 24 hours a day at 1-800-JUNONIA. Not only can our representatives help with any service issues, they are great resources for ideas on what things go together, and helping you find what you want at the best possible price. Looking for an old favorite or want to know what else is in your favorite fabrics? Starting a new activity and wondering what outfits are designed specifically for that activity? Give them a challenge! They love to come up with solutions.

Technology keeps advancing at an amazing pace, and Junonia customers are at the forefront. So please keep watching your e-mails from us. We'll announce any changes there first. We want to make sure that whatever we do on the web is as good as our trusted, friendly phone service. To sign up for our e-mails, click www.junonia.com/emaillist.htm

Thanks so much for writing. I really appreciate it!
Best Wishes,
Anne Kelly

Monday, September 14, 2009

Help! My favorite plus size Junonia styles has been discontinued!

Q. One thing I bought faithfully from Junonia was the two piece swimsuits. The old ones were more like a sports bra and panties and I loved them Finally they are fading and the elastic is going. : (

A. Yes, we sometimes hear often from customers that their favorite items are discontinued. We usually find that these great old favorites have been worn steadily for over 5 years! That's a great compliment to our quality and styling. but what's a girl to do? We have a big warehouse, but we have to make room for new styles. However, we always try to replace long-running favorites with something similar.

Q. How can I find similar new styles to replace my old favorites?

A. First try putting in the item number (The six digit number on the garment tag) in the search box on our website: www.junonia.com. Sometimes those old favorites are on sale at a spectacular price! If we are totally out the web will redirect your query to the closest in stock item.

Q. Will you bring back my favorite?

A. Sometimes we do. Occasionally the reason we discontinue an item is not related to its popularity. For example, if we can no longer get a print or fabric. In those cases we move on to a new style number, but we try to match the old item as closely as possible.

We love to help customers find what they are looking for! Our friendly customer service is always available to help solve problems you may have.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

QuikWik® Wicking: Not just for active wear anymore!

Here at Junonia we think our exclusive wicking QuikWik® fabric is pretty amazing. It is designed for everything active; walking, tennis, golf, yoga, camping. With colder weather coming you'll also be using these durable and versatile pieces for a first layer for cross-country skiing, sledding, winter walking and all your snow play. Why? This fabric moves moisture away from your skin, and keeps you dry and comfortable in all types of weather. But we really didn't think about using QuikWik® for casual, travel and work wear - we should have. We heard from a long-time customer and enthusiast, Sara, and she has set us straight!

Dear Anne,
I wish for the QuikWik® plain and simple tees to be continued in every color and every size.

For travel I discovered them in 2007 and have since used them on vacation trips and they were the best! The tees don't show any wear, stay silky feeling and soft after many washings. The QuikWik® tee and the QuikWik® capris pants with side pockets are great for those long airplane rides; no wrinkles and oh so cool and comfy.

Since I work from home, I can dress very casually (shorts and a tee), but when I need to meet a client at their office or at the local Starbucks, I count on my Junonia uniform of QuikWik® tee and capris. Clean and simple makes a nice impression.

Please, please keep these items in stock and add more colors from vivid to pastels. Thanks for helping me look cool and sharp!

Faith, Hope, and Love,

Friday, September 4, 2009

Aqua suits from Junonia inspire women... and their dogs?

Hi Anne,
My name is Maile and I have been a Junonia fan and customer for many years. Your wonderful tank swim suits are taking me through my new active life in aqua exercise. After 27 years in social work, and the last 17 of those years in hospice, I am leaving the profession. I have applied for a scholarship to become a certified aqua exercise instructor. (At 61 years old, yeah me!)

I need to share that having well fitting, attractive, tank suits from Junonia that WORK WELL in this active swim work has certainly added to my self confidence, and I just ordered one in the beautiful red! So, do clothes make a difference? A resounding yes, and I thank you! (But, please think about making wet suits for the ocean, too.) Thank you for your wonderful products. Junonia's philosophy goes will beyond the clothing itself!

Warm regards,

P.S. I am also active in the therapy dog community here in San Diego and a dog I know, Ricochet, who was not right for service use, became a "surfer girl(dog)" and is working and surfing with an amazing young man with a spinal cord injury. I thought Junonia customers would love to see Ricochet, the surfer dog, in action with his wonderful teen. To see this exciting, unusual, and touching event captured by KFMB-TV Channel 8, click the link http://www.youtube.com/watchv=ZsFaNImf7Mw
Information about making a donation to Pawsitive Teams can be found at: http://www.ripcurlricki.com/SurfinforPawsabilities.htm

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Plus size clothing designs for every shape and size

Junonia was founded with a devotion to creating exclusive designs for plus size women. Our slogan is "Embrace Your Active Life", and we truly believe in that philosophy. A woman's active life includes working out and staying healthy, but it also encompasses daily activities like heading to work, hitting the shops and even unwinding on the weekend. Doing all of that requires quality clothing that fits properly and lasts a long time, whatever your size or shape. That's why we design every item using plus size forms and fit models, with a specialized design process for our 4X-6X Junoesque styles.

Not every piece will fit every woman perfectly, so we strive to keep you fully informed about which items work best with different body types, which styles are suited to various activities and whether individual pieces will hang loose or hug your curves. It is a great big world full of variety, and we want to keep every woman looking and feeling her best day in and day out.