Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Junonia mailbag: Plus size swim styles and easy-care apparel

Hello Anne,

I became a Junonia customer last December when I was in need of board shorts for a Hawaiian vacation. They exceeded my expectations. I wore them in the sand and surf and they dried and washed beautifully! I have now re-ordered them in a different color.

I just received another order containing the Convertible Surplice Suit. I love it! It fits wonderfully and is so flattering. I am now looking more forward than ever to returning to the beach!

Thank you so much for providing active women great quality clothing that is consistent and long lasting. As a plus size woman who is also a first degree black belt in martial arts, I really appreciate your company's philosophy.


Hi Nicole,

What a great letter! I really can’t add a whole lot to your comments, other than to say I wholeheartedly agree. It’s just fascinating to see the range of activities Junonia customers are involved in. We hear from swimmers, bikers, hikers, triathletes, golfers, tennis players – and now an expert martial artist!

I would like to elaborate a little on Nicole’s comment about the washability of our best-selling board shorts. Back in Junonia’s distant past, we used to offer a lot more hand wash items, and even a few “dry clean only” pieces. Thanks to customer feedback, though, we soon learned that easy-care items are a big plus for our shoppers. These days, we pride ourselves on finding great fabrics that are machine washable and dry with ease. We still offer hand wash items now and again, mostly when we find an amazing print or batik, but most of our clothes are laundry safe.

The one major exception is swimwear, which contains sensitive, stretchy fibers that can be damaged by exposure to standard laundry detergents. But even in that case, we make it easy to car for your swim gear with our Suit Solutions® cleaning fluid! As I see it, Junonia women are already plenty busy leading their active lives. Their wardrobes should make things easier, not harder!
Thanks for reading, and keep the letters coming!

Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Junonia plus size clothing has fans in high places!

For the past several days, we've been getting reports from customers about Rosie O’Donnell wearing a Junonia t-shirt during her recent appearance on “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.” That sighting has been supported by several folks here in the office. Rosie’s not an official Junonia spokesperson, but she’s mentioned her fondness for our clothes on a number of TV shows and blog posts. We’re delighted to see she’s still a fan, and also that so many shoppers identified our apparel by sight. That tells us that Junonia’s commitment to crafting distinctive, high-quality clothing for plus size women is making a real impact.

Have you spotted other women embracing their active lives in Junonia gear recently? We’d love to hear about your “field sightings,” whether they’re on TV stars or a stranger at the gym. Stories of Junonia clothing in action are our favorite kind! Drop us a line anytime at annekellyfounder@junonia.com.

Monday, July 13, 2009

It Pays to Play with Junonia's newest program for active plus size women

Some of our favorite feedback comes from customers who tell us how our clothing fares in the “real world.” We design all of our apparel to be functional and perfectly suited to your active endeavors, but sometimes we’re so involved with details and specifications that it’s great to hear validation from the women who put Junonia products to the test every day. We’re downright delighted whenever we get a note from someone like Nicole, who wore one of our aquatards to participate in her first triathlon, or Lani, who recently walked a marathon in an all-Junonia ensemble. We love seeing inspiring blog posts by women like Donna and Karen, who are out there proving to the world that “plus size athlete” is not an oxymoron.

Simply put, Junonia loves to see women embracing their active lives, and now we’re providing some extra incentive. Junonia’s new "It Pays to Play" program offers discounts to customers who participate in active events. Starting this week, customers who forward a confirmation e-mail or a scanned confirmation form from any organized race, walk, swim or athletic event to annekellyfounder@junonia.com will receive a discount code good for 10% off your next Junonia purchase.

We’re also working to make it easier to find active events in your area. The introduction of the “It Pays to Play” program coincides with the launch of our new “Links & Events” section. We’ve compiled an extensive list of organizations and events that cater to women, from charity run/walks to full-on triathlons. Browse the list and find an event that’s perfect for you, then be sure to let us know about it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Junonia mailbag: No shortcuts to top-quality plus size clothing

Dear Anne Kelly,

I have been buying mock turtle neck tee shirts from one of your competitors. I don't want to order from them any more because the quality of the sewing is very poor. Some shirts arrive with the necklines stretched out, with the wrong stitching a knit neck band or improper cuffs for a knit shirt.

When a top with a bad neckline arrives, I use that shirt for everyday wear, but there are not enough well sewn shirts to make it worthwhile to order any more. I am trusting that Junonia garments have better workmanship. The clothing I have purchased from Junonia so far has had good workmanship and I have been very pleased.

Thank you,

Dear Rosemary,

Thanks so much for your thoughtful letter. You’ve touched on something that’s a real point of pride for us. It’s also a topic that ties into one of our most frequent customer concerns; namely, why Junonia clothes tend to be a little pricier.

When we say we’re dedicated to producing top-quality plus size clothing, we really mean it. Our design team takes care to fit every new item on a professional fit model. Our active pieces are wear-tested by athletes. Every vendor we employ is expected to meet stringent quality and consistency requirements. Taking all of those steps ensures that Junonia clothes fit the way they’re supposed to – and will for a long, long time.

Doing all of that doesn’t come cheaply, but there’s no question in my mind that it’s worth it. No one wants to charge higher prices, but sometimes that’s the cost of providing true quality. I look at it this way – if a Junonia t-shirt costs a few more dollars and lasts for a few more years, it’s more than made up for the difference! And of course there’s always our Juno’s Closet clearance section, where thrifty shoppers can find the same high-quality plus size apparel at incredible bargain prices.

The bottom line: Junonia is committed to making well-crafted, carefully designed clothes that last and last. I think that’s a pleasing proposition for everyone. (Well, maybe not for our competitors!)

Thanks for reading, and keep the letters coming,
Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.