Monday, June 29, 2009

Junonia mailbag: Online plus size shopping just got easier


I have recently gone from a 3X to XL. As I am sure you are aware, there is a great need for clothing for people, like me, at the bottom of the plus-size range. Thanks for now highlighting my search for XL items.

Junonia has always been on top of changes. My only challenge is that I am short, so unless I want to hem like crazy, your beautiful skirts are too long for me. Recently, I've found "knee length" skirts that are mid-calf on me – perfect.

Thanks again,

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for writing. I’m very glad to hear that our new and improved Shop by Size feature is making an impact already. Finding accurate, reliable sizing is always a challenge when it comes to women’s apparel, and it’s an even more sensitive subject where plus size clothing is concerned. Sizes at the top and bottom of the plus size range are often the hardest to find.
Our website now makes it simpler for everyone with an easy-to-use, drop-down menu that allows shoppers to sort by size.

Let’s say you’re an XL woman looking for a new tankini top. Just visit our Swimwear department and click on “Two-Piece Separates” under Categories on the left side of your screen. At the top right side of your screen, you’ll see a box labeled “Filter by Size.” Click on the box, pull down the menu, click on “XL” and click “Go.” You’ll now see only the swim separates that are available in XL, eliminating the annoyance of hunting through all of the items to find one that’s in your size. It sounds like a small detail, but shoppers like Joyce can tell you that it makes a real difference.

As for the skirt-length issue, we’ll count you as another vote for expanding our selection of petites. We offer a number of petite styles, and quite a few more that I’d call petite-friendly, but a full-scale petite line has been a topic of discussion around here for a while now. Stay tuned for updates on that front!

Thanks for writing, and keep the letters coming,

Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Junonia clothing highlight: QuikWik® Plus Size Golf and Tennis styles

Summer is in full swing, and so are clubs and rackets around the globe. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback over the years from women who say Junonia active wear has become a vital element of their golf and tennis games. Not to toot our own horns too loudly, but that comes as no surprise – there just aren’t many people making long-lasting, well-crafted plus size tennis and golf clothes, and Junonia strives to be the best of those who do.

Our famous QuikWik® is our most popular sports fabric because of its smooth, stretchy construction and quick-cooling, moisture-wicking properties. The QuikWik® Clubhouse Jacket features sporty yet feminine touches like curved front panel details and contrasting white trim at the collar, perfect for a morning on the greens or an evening on the courts (and great for casual wear too). And when the action starts heating up, our QuikWik® Keyhole Tank allows easy movement for tough backhands and long follow-throughs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Junonia mailbag: Your plus size swimwear lasts FOREVER!

Hi Anne,

I bought bathing suits at Junonia, June 11, 2008. The girl I spoke with on the phone was extremely nice and helpful. She helped me to find this sale, and, well, I'm forever grateful. Here's why...

I paid only $14.99 each for some tank suits, black with white piping. For that price, I bought all they had, which ended up being seven suits. I would have bought 20 if you'd had more, because I swim a mile every day in a heavily chlorinated pool, and was going through suits like fresh fruit. As soon as these arrived, I started using the first of seven.

Today, I am not only STILL wearing the first, but it is still the same as it was on day one! Is this amazing? It's been worn for well over 340 miles (I miss a day rarely), and is still NEW! At this rate, I may never get to suit #2. It has not lost strength, not stretched out at all, not changed shape one bit. I just rinse it after, put it in the spinner to semi dry, and hang it ‘til tomorrow.

I am feeling sorry that I don't need to buy any suits, now that I know exactly where to get the best. It's terrible having the perfect store, and having no need! If you can get the word out about these suits to everyone who swims, you will be doing them a great favor. I am truly sorry to NOT be a repeating customer.

Thank you, Junonia.

Hi Sandy,

I hardly know where to start! Thank you so much for that ringing endorsement (sent to us, by the way, on the anniversary of the original purchase). This covers so many of the aspects of that make us proud of our business: helpful customer service, amazing clearance prices, and especially the unbeatable quality of our plus size clothing.

I really can’t add much to Sandy’s enthusiasm, except to note that our chlorine-resistant swimwear has only gotten better since she made her purchase. Our AquaSport™ swim collection is made with the most durable material we’ve ever offered, designed to withstand some serious time in chlorinated water. If you’re into lap swimming, water aerobics or just backyard pool parties, it’s well worth a look. I think Sandy would probably back me up on that!

Thanks for reading, and keep the letters coming!
Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Junonia mailbag: We love your plus size clothing sales!

Hi Anne,

Just had to say that I am loving your recent sales! Way to go! Junonia has the best clothing, and the sales are making it even better. Thanks for providing clothing that I actually WANT to wear!

Have a great weekend!

Hi Michelle,

For a brief note, your letter really says a mouthful! Our e-mail committee puts a lot of time and effort into coordinating our weekly sales. I won’t bore everyone with the specifics, but the conversations and compromises involved in coming up with a real firecracker of a sale are sometimes reminiscent of a diplomatic summit. When we hear comments like yours, we know all of that maneuvering is time well spent.

Incidentally, we recently added a new wrinkle to our sale program with our seven-day guarantee: If any Junonia product is marked down within seven days following your original purchase, we will reimburse any purchasers for the difference. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the savings or the quality of genuine Junonia apparel.

And Michelle, to your last point, my weekend was pretty great indeed. I hope yours was too!

Thanks for writing, and keep the letters coming,
Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.

NOTE: The image shown here is is for illustrative purposes. This specific sale may not be valid at the time of your reading.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Plus size clothing highlight: Shorts for any occasion

Warmer weather is here, and Junonia customers long for shorts! In fact, “shorts” is the number one most-searched-for word on our site this month. With that in mind, we figured it’s about time we provided a plus size shorts primer. Here’s a glimpse at what we have to offer, in a wide array of fabrics and lengths:

  • Our Stretch Poplin City Shorts are crafted with lightweight, breathable cotton that stretches slightly for easy moving. Great color selection and a longer-cut, 10” inseam make these an awesome weekend option.

  • Durable, lightweight, slightly stretchy material makes our Crinkle Nylon Long Shorts an ideal active/casual hybrid. They’re stain-repellent and water-resistant, with a generous 9” inseam.

  • It’s hard to go wrong with classic denim, especially when it’s as stretchy and functional as our Recall Stretch Denim Shorts. With a moderate, 7” inseam, these are the perfect go-with-anything pieces.

  • Comfy twill is a perennial customer favorite at Junonia, and our Two-Pleat Walking Shorts make it easy to see why. Easy to match, with a modest 9” inseam for casual comfort.

  • Our 100% poly Board Shorts are big-time best sellers, with a soft hand feel, lightweight fabric and sporty 6” inseam. With no mesh liner, they’re equally suited for a day at the beach or a walk in the park.

  • When the sun starts beating down, nothing tops our UV-Ban Nylon Shorts. With 50+ UPF, plenty of pockets and an 8" inseam, these are true all-purpose classics.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Plus size clothing highlight: More convertible casual tops

It appears as if Junonia customers like to keep their options open. Several of our recent highlights have generated so much interest in our convertible casual clothing that we’ve decided to keep the ball rolling by spotlighting several more easily adaptable items.

Early summer can be a tricky time when it comes to choosing an outfit. A long-sleeve shirt that’s just right for the cool of the morning might wind up being too stifling when the afternoon sun starts heating up. Junonia’s taken the liberty of planning ahead for you with six splendid convertible tops. When the weather gets warm, just roll up the sleeves and fasten with a handy button. Choose from casual crispness, two lightweight denim options, super-soft chambray or a pair of poplin pieces.