Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recall Stretch Denim Jeans are a Hit - It's in the Fabric! Start with Quality, then add Fit and Style!

I just got two of your recall denim four-cornered jeans and LOVE them! Honestly it is the first time in years I have been able to wear jeans again. They have a great amount of stretch but look just like regular jeans!

Being smaller where jeans sit at my waist but being much larger in the belly and hips has left me with jeans that are big in the waist but fit everyplace else or fitting in the waist and tighter everywhere else and feeling ill sitting down in them. So it's been years of knit pants and wishing I had jeans. These are wonderful!

Could you make them in more finishes? Also, if you could make these with no zip and full elastic (but with pockets) they would actually also be handy as casual exercise pants. I also love the wide legs as these balance me out and look good so keep the wide legs coming!

Just wanted to pass the praise!

Dear Melanie,
Wow! There is not much I can add to that! We are proud to say that here at Junonia we fit each style on a plus size live model to achieve the perfect fit. We are very picky about our designs, patterns, fabrics and construction. I can't take any credit, we have a wonderful design team that is simply very talented. And yes, more colors and styles are on the drawing board!

Thanks so much for writing!
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