Wednesday, September 9, 2009

QuikWik® Wicking: Not just for active wear anymore!

Here at Junonia we think our exclusive wicking QuikWik® fabric is pretty amazing. It is designed for everything active; walking, tennis, golf, yoga, camping. With colder weather coming you'll also be using these durable and versatile pieces for a first layer for cross-country skiing, sledding, winter walking and all your snow play. Why? This fabric moves moisture away from your skin, and keeps you dry and comfortable in all types of weather. But we really didn't think about using QuikWik® for casual, travel and work wear - we should have. We heard from a long-time customer and enthusiast, Sara, and she has set us straight!

Dear Anne,
I wish for the QuikWik® plain and simple tees to be continued in every color and every size.

For travel I discovered them in 2007 and have since used them on vacation trips and they were the best! The tees don't show any wear, stay silky feeling and soft after many washings. The QuikWik® tee and the QuikWik® capris pants with side pockets are great for those long airplane rides; no wrinkles and oh so cool and comfy.

Since I work from home, I can dress very casually (shorts and a tee), but when I need to meet a client at their office or at the local Starbucks, I count on my Junonia uniform of QuikWik® tee and capris. Clean and simple makes a nice impression.

Please, please keep these items in stock and add more colors from vivid to pastels. Thanks for helping me look cool and sharp!

Faith, Hope, and Love,
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