Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Junonia Embraces Activity for Every Woman at Every Size

There’s been a lot in the news lately about size and size acceptance. At Junonia we have an inclusive philosophy-we want EVERY woman to feel great in her body and to embrace her active life. That’s why we focus on plus-size activewear.

Marilyn Wann, size acceptance advocate, recently published some great ideas for ALL people, but with special words for large women:


- Don't put your life on hold. Do something that you've been telling yourself you'll do after you lose weight. It might be a trying a sport, buying a new outfit, applying for a high-profile job, or asking somebody on a date.

- Swear off dieting. Food addiction, or compulsive overeating, is often a reaction to dieting, which can be an addiction in itself. Many people find that when they stop restricting food, they also stop abusing or overusing it.

- Be a subject, not an object. Women's bodies have been scrutinised for so long in our society that it's easy to lose sight of what it's like to live inside them. Use deep breathing, meditation and movement to help you experience your body from the inside out.

- Ask for support. Tell health care providers that you don't think weight loss dieting is realistic or healthy, and ask them not to make it part of your treatment plan. Ask what medical advice they'd give a thin person with the same complaints or conditions. Ask friends to avoid diet talk or deprecating remarks about your body or theirs, even if mutual commiseration about struggling with your weight has been a bonding experience in the past.

- Move your body. Research shows that women who are exercising are happier with their bodies and their size, regardless of whether they're losing weight. Find out what forms of exercise you enjoy. Try movement that's not a prescribed regimen but simply a part of your life, such as dancing or walking. Check with a doctor about any new exercise plan. One who's familiar with the concept of health at every size will have ideas about which exercises large bodies can do and benefit from.

And when you are ready to try something new, or to trade up to a great new swimsuit—check us out! www.junonia.com We hope we help you feel comfortable in the skin you are in!



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