Monday, September 14, 2009

Help! My favorite plus size Junonia styles has been discontinued!

Q. One thing I bought faithfully from Junonia was the two piece swimsuits. The old ones were more like a sports bra and panties and I loved them Finally they are fading and the elastic is going. : (

A. Yes, we sometimes hear often from customers that their favorite items are discontinued. We usually find that these great old favorites have been worn steadily for over 5 years! That's a great compliment to our quality and styling. but what's a girl to do? We have a big warehouse, but we have to make room for new styles. However, we always try to replace long-running favorites with something similar.

Q. How can I find similar new styles to replace my old favorites?

A. First try putting in the item number (The six digit number on the garment tag) in the search box on our website: Sometimes those old favorites are on sale at a spectacular price! If we are totally out the web will redirect your query to the closest in stock item.

Q. Will you bring back my favorite?

A. Sometimes we do. Occasionally the reason we discontinue an item is not related to its popularity. For example, if we can no longer get a print or fabric. In those cases we move on to a new style number, but we try to match the old item as closely as possible.

We love to help customers find what they are looking for! Our friendly customer service is always available to help solve problems you may have.
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