Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Right Plus Size Swimsuit Makes All the Difference: Advice for Taking the Plunge

Hi again -
I know I have sent you several emails, but I just wanted to tell you about my latest order.  I ordered a swimsuit on Monday, it arrived Tuesday (free standard shipping!) and I swam in it yesterday.  I can not even describe what it is like to finally put on a swimsuit that feels good and makes me feel like I deserve to be in the pool.  Thank you once again for making such great clothes that actually fit and are very functional, besides looking great. Have a fabulous day -Lisa

Wow!  As I told Lisa, she made our day here at Junonia.  This is the reason we are in business, to design great products that make plus size women feel wonderful.  With stellar customer service to boot! 

It’s not always easy getting into the pool if you don’t love every curve in your body, but it’s our job to be your partner.  We truly want you to “Embrace your active life.”  That means we design and manufacture to our exclusive size specifications, high-quality, long-lasting, well-fitting swimwear that feels so good, you’ll look forward to that next aqua class. 

I’ve been swimming a lot in the last year, trying to get to the pool nearly every day.  I can tell you I don’t always feel like going.  But I can also tell you there hasn’t been a single time that I wasn’t happy I went and felt better after.  (There were even a few days when I cajoled myself out the door, telling myself I only had to sit in the hot tub.  I always ended up doing at least a little workout once I got there!)

If your great new swim suit from Junonia helps you get to the pool, we all here at Junonia are cheering you on!  Everytime you get in the pool, you make our day!

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