Monday, June 29, 2009

Junonia mailbag: Online plus size shopping just got easier


I have recently gone from a 3X to XL. As I am sure you are aware, there is a great need for clothing for people, like me, at the bottom of the plus-size range. Thanks for now highlighting my search for XL items.

Junonia has always been on top of changes. My only challenge is that I am short, so unless I want to hem like crazy, your beautiful skirts are too long for me. Recently, I've found "knee length" skirts that are mid-calf on me – perfect.

Thanks again,


Hi Joyce,

Thanks for writing. I’m very glad to hear that our new and improved Shop by Size feature is making an impact already. Finding accurate, reliable sizing is always a challenge when it comes to women’s apparel, and it’s an even more sensitive subject where plus size clothing is concerned. Sizes at the top and bottom of the plus size range are often the hardest to find.

Our website now makes it simpler for everyone with an easy-to-use, drop-down menu that allows shoppers to sort by size.

Let’s say you’re an XL woman looking for a new tankini top. Just visit our Swimwear department and click on “Two-Piece Separates” under Categories on the left side of your screen. At the top right side of your screen, you’ll see a box labeled “Filter by Size.” Click on the box, pull down the menu, click on “XL” and click “Go.” You’ll now see only the swim separates that are available in XL, eliminating the annoyance of hunting through all of the items to find one that’s in your size. It sounds like a small detail, but shoppers like Joyce can tell you that it makes a real difference.

As for the skirt-length issue, we’ll count you as another vote for expanding our selection of petites. We offer a number of petite styles, and quite a few more that I’d call petite-friendly, but a full-scale petite line has been a topic of discussion around here for a while now. Stay tuned for updates on that front!

Thanks for writing, and keep the letters coming,

Anne Kelly

Founder and Chair

Junonia Ltd.


windjammn said...

As a plus size and Tall woman, I really appreciate you offering pants in Tall sizes.

Department stores care petites, but rarely have 'talls'. You are my only source for pants due to the quality, options, and tall options.

Thank you!

sandya said...

Thanks for the quality of all your clothing. It allows me to shop on-line with confidence as to sizing--quality--etc. Unlike other plus size providers. Love your bathing suits--t-shirts--work-out clothes.

One request. You discontinued this year my favorite item--the short-sleeved pull-over Hopsack blouses. I wear them in hot weather and they dress up skirts or pants. They are cooler than t-shirts. The hopsack items you had this year were not cool and rather large. PLEASE bring those back before winter because those of us who live in the North and vacation in Mexico etc in the winter ned them! We can always use more gauzy cotton items for those vacations. THANKS!

folkmew said...

Add me to the opposite side voices! :-) I appreciate your tall sizes and long skirts! In a perfect world I'd be able to get longer sleeves on blouses from you too.

I love, love, love your clothes and your amazing clearance sales lately are absolutely saving my life as I went from a size 28 to a 20. Heaven help me if I go below a 14 and can't shop Junonia anymore!! :-( (unlikely - I'm 6' tall)

Thank you for your fabulous clothing, terrific deals and great support!! I plug you to all my friends.

JunoniaLTD said...

Thanks much, ladies! Your compliments and suggestions have been passed along to everyone in the Junonia office. As we've said before, customer suggestions are one of the most important factors in our clothing designs, so we appreciate all of the feedback!