Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Junonia loves to hear about women's active events!

We recently received a very nice message from one of the organizers of the Women’s Four Miler Training Program in Charlottesville, Virginia. It’s a great organization that specializes in running and walking training for women, culminating in a four-mile run/walk in September.

When the WFMTP asked us to send some Junonia catalogs their way, we were more than happy to oblige. We love groups that help women get out and get active, and especially that encourage fitness at any size. That type of thinking has been the driving force behind Junonia from the very beginning.

Does your community have any cool running, biking, swimming or other active opportunities for women? We’d love to hear about them! E-mail Junonia founder Anne Kelly at annekellyfounder@junonia.com or, better yet, post a comment on this blog where everyone can see.


The Daily Mel said...

Here are a few I know about that not only take place in my area, but have other events around the country as well.

Trek Triathlon Series:http://www.trekwomenstriathlonseries.com/

US Women's Triathlon Series:http://www.uswts.com/

Iron Girl (triathlon & run/walk events):http://www.irongirl.com

Nike Women's Marathon (full & half):http://insidenikerunning.nike.com/category/events/nike-womens-marathon/

JunoniaLTD said...

Thanks for the tri events, Mel!

Donna said...

This is my next big gig!

The Danskin SheROX Triathlon in Austin, TX. It's the weekend of June 6th. It is a very beginner friendly event with women of all shapes! No need to feel self-conscious here, just be your best!


It would be soooo awesome to see Junonia at events like this!

JunoniaLTD said...

Thanks, Donna! We'll add that to the list.