Friday, May 1, 2009

Junonia mailbag: Thanks for non-chafing plus size clothes!

Hi Anne,

I recently purchased several pairs of QuikWik® briefs and shorts for my trip to Mexico. I am writing because we suffered under 100-degree temperatures and we walked miles and miles, but never did my pants feel uncomfortable or wet. They did their job beautifully! I have never paid as much for underclothes as I did for those, but they were worth EVERY PENNY!

Thanks for making my trip all about my adventures and not about me (or my chafing).


Hi Megan,

Thank you so much for writing. I’m always glad to see a letter in praise of the more technical properties of our QuikWik® apparel. Sweating and chafing are sensitive subjects (no pun intended!), but that doesn’t make them any less of a reality for Junonia customers.

Whether or not people like to talk about it, the fact is that persistent chafing can make a hot weather workout very uncomfortable. Anyone who’s run a midsummer 5K or, like Megan, taken a long hike in a sweltering climate can agree on that. That’s why we take special care in choosing fabrics and designs for our QuikWik® active apparel and undergarments. I’ll pass the mic to our lead designer Emily to explain a little more about the process.

“Our fabric treatment is what makes QuikWik® superior to other micropoly/spandex ‘wicking’ fabrics,” Emily explains. “The treatment absorbs the moisture and perspiration from the skin and transports it quickly through the fabric for fast evaporation, keeping you dry and comfortable under the most extreme conditions. That’s also true of our QuikCool® undies, which use a similar fabric that’s slightly lighter in weight, more suitable for everyday underwear.”

Emily notes that many of our QuikWik® items use flat seaming techniques and self fabric-binding finishes to protect further against chafing. She also reminds you that washing your QuikWik® pieces without bleach or fabric softener will help prolong their functionality.

Who knows – maybe some day someone will come up with an effective active workout with no risk of sweating or chafing. Until then, we’ll keep on making the QuikWik® styles you love!

Thanks for writing, and keep the letters coming!

Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.
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