Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Junonia mailbag: Let's hear it for colorful clothing and plus size kurtas

Hi Anne,

I love the Crinkle Cotton Crepe Kurta with Embroidery that you featured last year and still have available. In fact, I loved it so much I bought every color. I bought several black ones because I have been looking for a black, plus sized kurta like that for literally years.

I love these shirts because they look good under a jacket at work, they cover my arms when it is cool, but are so light, they can be worn even in the Midwest summer humidity. I would love to have one in a bright cobalt blue, deep purple, dark green, orange, bright yellow, teal, even white, if you can ever carry them again. I have small shoulders and big hips, so the simple round neckline is perfect for me and they are nice and loose.

Thanks again for your wonderful clothing!


Hi Katharine,

Thanks so much for your comments! I really like hearing from Junonia customers who have found their personal favorites. As much as we wish every item we produce could please everybody, that’s just not possible, so it’s exciting to hear about it when we come up with a piece that really hits home for someone. As for your specific favorite, a return of that exact kurta may not be on the horizon for a little while, but we’ll certainly be offering some comparable tops that I think you’ll love just as much, if not more!

I love what you say about buying every color. We try to make Junonia products available in as wide a color range as possible. That approach serves a couple of purposes. One, a shopper who might not give a second glance to a pink shirt may love the same item in basic black, and vice versa. And two, customers like Katharine can find a fit and a fabric they really love and stock up in every color. I can’t even guess how many same-shirt, different-color variations I have in my own closet!

Thanks for writing, and keep the comments coming!

Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.
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