Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plus size clothing highlight: Convertible Surplice Suit

Swimwear shopping can be such sweet sorrow. Finding a plus size swimsuit that fits and flatters is often a challenge – an exhilarating one, to be sure, but a challenge nonetheless. And as with anything, quality swimwear doesn’t come cheap. For savvy shoppers who want to maximize the value of their purchases, a piece that’s durable, comfortable and offers a variety of looks is a real find.

That makes Junonia's convertible swim styles a particularly sound investment. These cleverly designed items allow you to change your look to suit your situation at the beach, the pool or the lake. Our Convertible Surplice Suit, for instance, features a side tie that adjusts easily for full coverage or a playful shirred look. With an eye-catching contrast-colored band at the front and back, this durable, adjustable swimsuit instantly expands your summer swim wardrobe.

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