Monday, April 27, 2009

Plus size clothing highlight: Tennis clothes for active women

Here at Junonia, we’re fans of all sorts of sports, from swimming to volleyball to distance running. With spring coming on, there’s been a lot of buzz around the office about heading back out to the tennis courts. If you’re a longstanding member of the net set, or even if you’re just thinking about exploring the allure of the clay courts, Junonia’s tennis-inspired styles will have you looking and feeling like a real ace.

We offer a wide range of styles suited for the tennis court, including much of our moisture-wicking QuikWik® collection and a great selection of active/casual polo tops. A few of our staff’s personal favorites: the QuikWik® Power Play Skirt (complete with attached shorts and ball pockets - no bloomers needed!), the QuikWik® Drop-Shoulder Tee (featuring adjustable sleeves for extra versatility) and the Magic Lift® Active Support Bra (for strong, wireless support on the court and off).
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