Thursday, April 16, 2009

Plus size clothing highlight: Batik Casual Clothes

Junonia’s lead designer Emily is a self-confessed “fabric nerd.” She’s fascinated by the process that goes into making each of our marvelous materials, but there are a few fabrics that really get her enthused. Our Batik Casuals fall into that category. “Batik is an awesome dyeing process that not a lot of people know about,” she explains. “Professional artisans coat the fabric with hot wax, then dip it in dye. As the wax coating cracks, the dye seeps into the fabric and creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind patterns.”

Those pretty patterns are perfect for capturing the spirit of summer, which makes our beautiful Batiks ideal staples for warm weather casual wear. Try a plus size camp shirt over a solid-color tee, or match batik skirts or pants with an embroidered top. Whatever look you prefer, Junonia’s Batik Casuals add an exotic, eye-catching option to your summer wardrobe.
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