Friday, April 24, 2009

Junonia mailbag: What makes your plus size active wear better than the rest?

[Today we feature a question from Tasha, one of the wonderful customer service representatives at the Junonia call center.]

Hi Anne,

I have had several customers ask me about Micropoly, the fabric. Some of our clothes use it in the item description. I have searched for it on the web and I cannot find an answer. Is it breathable? Is it similar to cotton? Does it stretch?


Hi Tasha,

This is a great question that gets to the heart of one of Junonia’s proudest facets: our use of innovative fabrics that often just aren’t found elsewhere. Micropoly is a key component of our much-loved QuikWik® apparel, the backbone of our active wear department. I passed this question along to our tech designer Rachel, who had plenty to say about our unique and functional Micropoly fabrics.

“Micropoly is essentially a thin polyester fiber. It is flatter and sleeker than standard polyester. In the case of our QuikWik® styles, it is blended with Lycra and knitted into the fabric. The mechanical stretch of the knit and the stretch of the fabric fibers themselves give Quikwik® the stretch and durability that our customers know and love.”

“Most of our active gear uses Micropoly instead of cotton,” Rachel continues, “and for good reason. Cotton is a breathable fabric that keeps you cool by allowing air to pass through. That makes it perfect for casual wear and lighter workouts. In a more strenuous workout, however, cotton tends to get wet and heavy. Quikwik® is a high tech wicking fabric. It keeps you cool by pulling the moisture away from the body so it can evaporate. The Micropoly fibers in our Quikwik® fabric will not ever truly get wet like cotton does.”

Thanks for the questions, and please keep them coming!

Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.
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