Friday, March 13, 2009

Plus size clothing discounts combat a tough economy

Our customers know
that it's not easy to find clothes that meet our standards of quality, durability and comfort anywhere else. But in this economic climate, many women are scaling back on spending, including their clothing budgets.
That’s why Junonia is adapting to the times by offering a wider selection of top-quality plus size apparel in our Juno’s Closet clearance section.

Juno’s Closet has long been one of the top online destinations for discount plus size clothing, and these days it’s become more popular than ever. We’re constantly adding new casual, swim and active styles to the closet, expanding the selection and deepening the discounts. We’ve just marked down a fantastic collection of winter apparel, with prices starting at $14.95 on plus size jackets and fleece. Like all Junonia products, our Juno’s Closet items are made with high-quality materials and designed for maximum durability, making them a great investment in any economy.
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