Friday, March 20, 2009

Junonia mailbag: Thanks for plus size business casual clothing

Hi Anne,

Thank you so much for making clothes that actually fit! I’ve searched far and wide for quality plus size clothing that is cut for real women, and it wasn’t until now that I found them. For some strange reason, other manufacturers think plus size women have abnormally long arms and love to expose their midriffs with shirts that are cut too short. Personally, I don’t know any plus size women who enjoy less coverage, and they all seem to have average-length arms. You’re the only one who has gotten it right.

Now that I’ve discovered you guys and your attention to quality and cut, I’ve virtually replaced my entire wardrobe with items from your collection in less than a week. They work nicely into my ‘business casual’ dress code at work.


Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for your note! As you know, a comfortable, flattering fit is of utmost importance to us. It’s such a thrill to hear that we’re doing it right. I’ve mentioned our on-model fit sessions before, and this is another important element of what we look for during those fittings. How does this shirt drape the figure? Are we providing enough coverage in front and in back? Do these sleeves allow easy movement? Until we have satisfactory answers to all of those questions (and many more), we won’t put the Junonia name on any product.

It’s also great to hear your complimentary words about our business casual clothing. Junonia is best known as a swim and active wear company, and I sometimes worry that our casual clothing feels left out! I’m kidding, of course, but we really are very proud of our casual collection, much of which is ideal for the office.

I can say that with certainty, since on any given day, about half of our staff is wearing at least one piece of Junonia apparel – myself most definitely included! From easy-going denim skirts to pretty batik print shirts to lightweight spring jackets, you’ll find a lot of Junonia classics around our office, and I’m glad they’re a regular presence in yours as well.

Many thanks, and keep the letters coming,
Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.
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