Friday, March 6, 2009

Junonia mailbag – Introducing our Plus Size Travel Wear section

I was delighted to find some of the outdoor gear I had been searching for in your catalog. I am planning a trip to the Aztec and Mayan antiquities in Mexico, and needed rugged, but cool clothing for the trip. I had tried all of the sources I knew of, and no one featured plus sizes in those types of clothing. Whew! Was I ever frustrated! Then I received a copy of your catalog, and started looking through it, without even a hope of finding the clothing I needed. And, thank you, it was there! Thanks to you, I will be more comfortable on my trip.

– Dianna

Hi Dianna,

It’s always a delight to hear from another happy traveler! I’m so happy to hear that we could get you outfitted for what sounds like an awe-inspiring trip. I also do a lot of traveling, and no matter where I roam, my suitcases are packed to the brim with Junonia gear. I recently returned from a beautiful week in Belize, where I made full use of my favorite swimsuits and outdoor wear.

We know that traveling is a big part of the active lives of many Junonia women. Unfortunately, this is yet another area where plus size women often have trouble finding suitable apparel. We’ve decided to make things easier by launching a new Travel section on our website.

The Travel section is designed to be a one-stop shop for women on the go. Inside, you’ll find everything from easy-going customer favorites like our Hopsack and Packable collections to functional pieces like our UV-Ban Nylon and Travel Elite [pictured] lines. There’s also a fabulous selection of casual swimwear, perfect for trips to the beach or the hotel swimming pool. Take a look today and find out why so many women regard Junonia as their most dependable traveling companion!

Thanks for writing, and keep your comments coming,

Anne Kelly
Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.
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