Friday, February 13, 2009

Junonia Mailbag: Solutions for larger sized women

Hi Anne,

I just found out Queen
Victoria had a 66" bust and 50" waist, which means I am exactly her measurements, if not her height (she was 5', I am 5'9"). Thank you for what you do. You are the go-to for super sizes, and I pray you will never drop your 4-6X lines. We goddesses need you. – Debra

I wear size 4X-5X and have been working on losing weight. Your workout clothing and plus sizes are what we plus size women have longed for in today's age of 'skinny' workout clothes! – Tracy
Dear Debra and Tracy,

Thanks for your encouraging words. It really is too bad that even within the plus size clothing world – an underserved community in the first place – there are subsets of women who still can’t easily find comfortable, quality clothing designed with their bodies in mind. From the beginning, I made it a personal goal that Junonia would do its best to provide for women who’d previously been told there just weren’t any options available for them.

Last spring, Junonia introduced the Junoesque catalog, a collection of casual styles for plus size women who wear sizes 4X-6X. Customer response was overwhelmingly positive, and over the past year we’ve had a lot of requests to keep putting out catalogs focused on our larger sizes.
We’re pleased to announce that we’ve taken it one step further by creating a permanent Junoesque department on our homepage! Our Junoesque styles are designed according to larger size specs, creating stylish, functional clothing that suits your body. Check out our newest department today to browse dozens of casual, swim and active items for all of our 4X, 5X and 6X fans.

Thanks for reading, and keep those letters coming!
Anne Kelly

Founder and Chair
Junonia Ltd.

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