Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ask Junonia: What’s the secret to your comfy plus size fleece styles?

Dear Ms. Kelly,

Just got an order from Junonia and included were several Regal Fleece items. I bought two styles and they are a very nice, heavy, quality fleece. This is the third order I have made this winter to various companies to buy sweatshirts and I have had to return all of them because they were so puny. I needed winter-weight clothes, and it appears that these may do the trick. These are thick and luxurious. I am hoping that they hold up well after washing too. I'm excited.

It is also lovely to have some fun and brighter colors. I am sick to death of all the large size clothes that only come in teal, fuchsia and plum! I hope you will continue to carry this product and add a couple of dark colors to go with some snappy new colors for next winter. Thank you!

Best wishes,


Hi Irene,

Thanks for your kind words. I’m very glad that you’re so impressed with our Regal Fleece! Fleece apparel is always one of our most popular items in the fall and winter seasons, and we think this collection is our warmest and comfiest yet. In my thinking, ideal fleece apparel should be warm enough to wear outdoors in cold temperatures but not too warm to leave on in the house.

Plus size fleece can be especially tricky, because some companies just assume bigger is better when it comes to sweatshirts and the like. We know that our customers want fleece clothing that really fits without being too baggy or bulky, and we keep that idea in mind with all of our outerwear designs.

Thanks also for your color requests. We always like to hear those suggestions from our customers, as we strive to offer colors and styles that can’t be found just anywhere. I can’t guarantee just yet that we’ll have the dark colors you’re looking for, but I’ll add your idea to our workbook for our next collection.

Many thanks, and keep the questions coming,

Anne Kelly

Founder and Chair

Junonia Ltd.

651-365-1830 ext. 7740

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