Monday, November 23, 2015

5 Plus Size Holiday Gifts from JunoActive

The holiday season is finally here! It seems like all we’re doing is shopping, cooking, shopping and MORE shopping. Whether you’re searching for gifts for friends and family or making your own list for Santa this year, we’ve put together our favorite presents to give–and get–from JunoActive.

1. Fleece Hoodie

There’s just something so wonderful about hoodies. Maybe it’s because hoods feel like little on-the-go pillows, or because you can warm up quickly by popping it over your head. Either way, we love our fleece hoodies so much. This hoodie features a full zip front and is made from PerfectSport Fleece that is pill-resistant and built to last. 

2. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are the perfect gift for anyone because of they are so comfortable, stylish and versatile. You can wear yoga pants EVERYWHERE–to the store, a workout class and even happy hour with friends. Plus, everybody can always use a new pair of yoga pants. We love our Loose Fit Leggings because they are made from breathable cotton and are available in average, petite and tall lengths in sizes up to 6X. 

Customer Review:
I will wear these forever!, October 22, 2015  By Anonymous (Saint Louis, MO)
I am NOT generally a pants type person and wear skirts and dresses at work. However, these are unbelievably comfortable, look great, can be dressed up or down, hold their shape but still has a lot of stretch. I feel like a million bucks when I wear these! Super easy care as well! I'm ready to buy another 5 or 6 pair right now!

3. Women's V-Neck Tee

We love this plus-size workout top–and so do a lot of our customers. It’s made from incredibly soft, moisture-wicking SoftWik fabric. The best part is that it’s great to wear when you’re exercising, at work or a casual night on the town with friends. Who doesn’t love pieces they can mix and match with nearly their entire wardrobe?

Customer Review:
Softest top ever!, July 2, 2015  By Lyn (Dickinson, TX)
I just love these tops. They are soft and comfy. I bought all the colors they have. If you buy one you'll have to have more

4. Softwik Heather Hoodie 

This plus-size hoodie is perfect for avid exercisers. The long sleeve top features a shoulder pocket where you can keep your music, phone or keys, and thumbholes to keep your sleeves in place while you’re moving. It’s also great for everyone who loves rocking activewear 24/7, no matter what they’re doing. (Hey, we do it too!) 

5. Long Capris Color Block

A burst of color always perks up an outfit–or a workout. Our QuikWik Long Capris with Colorblock are built with high-tech fabric that smoothes, wicks away moisture and compresses for increased circulation. Great for a yoga class or running errands! 

Customer Review:
Love these capris!, July 5, 2015  By Lynann (Dickinson, TX) 
Great fit. Comfy! Love the colors! I also wear for casual. The heat in TX is horrible. Keeps me dry in the high humidity.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Beating Breast Cancer and Leading an Active Life

October is over, but that doesn't mean we can't continue the discussion about breast cancer awareness.

I just came back from my check up with my oncologist and I'm thrilled to report that all is good! I’m 7.5 years out from my breast cancer diagnosis, and I’m feeling great. As tough as the treatment was, I’m forever grateful that I live in a country and in an era where breast cancer deaths have been dropping steadily. All the hard work of so many people, doctors, survivors and loved ones who have brought attention to this potentially devastating disease is paying off. 

My doctor is a really wonderful man–one of those doctors who is always in the know with the latest ideas. Trends have come and gone since my diagnosis, but one thing that continues to be the best medicine: exercise and an active lifestyle. 

At my appointment, he stressed exercise as a way to help your body stay healthy. He says that although we don’t know exactly the mechanism, exercise somehow changes the metabolism to help the body fight off cancer—and to prevent cancer from occurring in the first place. There is a particularly strong correlation for breast cancer, but it also plays a positive role in many other forms of cancer.

He said there is no doubt that exercise has an immediate and positive effect. As a doctor, he is much more concerned that his patients get regular exercise than be constantly stressing over their weight.  He KNOWS that exercise works.

It was good to get that boost of motivation to continue exercising. I’ve been pretty consistent with a weight training class a couple of times a week, but I’ve been slacking off on the number of laps in the pool–time to ramp that back up a bit. 

Even though Breast Cancer Awareness month has come and gone, I invite you to continue spreading awareness for the cause by asking a friend to walk, bike, swim, or workout with you!       

                                                                                                           Anne Kelly, President

P.S. My recommendation for lap swimmers are the AquaSport swimsuits that are made with an Italian all-poly performance fabric that lasts incredibly long. It's definitely one of my favorites!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

High Quality Plus Size Swimwear

Swimwear – we take this fun category very seriously!  The biggest compliment we could ever hear you say is, “I’ve never, ever felt this good in a swimsuit before in my life!” We want you to feel this way beyond the first few times you wear it – no matter how often you take to the pool or the waves. That’s why we focus on three key design elements for our swimwear: high-tech fabrics, performance tailoring and style that moves with you.

High-Tech Fabric – The Base of Quality Swimwear

Our AquaSport™ fabric is fade and chlorine resistant. You might be surprised to hear that there is no spandex in the fabric we use, but that’s because it can break down when it’s exposed to chlorine. Instead, we’ve innovated our fabrics by adding a slight stretch into the knitting, so your suit moves with you, but still holds up in the water. As an added bonus, our high-tech fabric also provides 50 UPF UV sun protection. 
I have bought this AquaSport Aquatard before and it is my favorite swimsuit ever. I like having more coverage and I appreciate the high chlorine resistance because I am a 5-day a week lap swimmer and I need a suit that will last. Please continue to provide this wonderful product!   -- Alameda, CA
Our QuikEnergy™ fabric is quick drying and has an extra-high life Lycra® for long-lasting chlorine resistance. This is the perfect fabric for muscular compression, because it decreases muscular vibrations and strain during exercise to improve athletic performance. It’s also our most supportive line of plus size swimwear.

Performance Tailoring – Made Just for You

There are a lot of swimsuit manufacturers who produce suits in all sizes and are built for one season–and sometimes one body type. We think of ourselves as personal tailors for women sizes XL to 6X, because we produce suits for curves that last and fit like no others. We know this because we really do size our suits on actual, live, wonderful women–with opinions to share! We’ve also listened carefully to our customers for the last 20 years, so every design aspect of our swimwear is made for top performance and exceptional fit.

Style On The Move – Swim Like a Fish or Relax Poolside

We want you to look good in our suits whether you’re doing aerobics, jumping waves or just lounging with a good book and an umbrella drink! Our suits include style details so they not only perform athletically, but give you a little poolside flare as well.
I do water aerobics at the Y at least 3 times a week so I need a suit that fits well, stays in place regardless of what I am doing and can handle a lot of chlorine. This suit met all of my criteria and it is really pretty too. I got the solid bright blue color, which I love. I highly recommend this suit and can't say enough good things about it. You won't be disappointed.  – Apple Valley, MN
We’re EXTRA excited about swimwear right now because our latest collection has just arrived! Here’s a glimpse of our new swimsuits, ranging from athletic water shorts to two pieces. Flaunt what you’ve got in swimwear that makes you feel empowered, beautiful and beach ready in no time. Feel free to contact our lovely customer service team if you have any questions about fit, size or style. Remember: Every body is a beach body! Now go out and book the mid-winter beach vacation of your dreams–and pick up one of our suits along the way here.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Canoeing in the Wilderness with JunoActive’s President, Anne Kelly

 Ever heard of the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area)? It’s the federally-protected area on the border of Minnesota and Canada. It’s big, it’s wild and it’s beautiful.  For many of us Minnesotans (myself included), the annual trip to the area–affectionately referred to as the B-Dub–is an environmental and personal touchstone.
It’s hard work; paddling from spot to spot. Then there’s constant portaging, setting up camp, taking down camp, staying dry, and cooking on a fire or camp stove. The payoff? Silence like you’ve never heard before. A gaggle of grebes floating by. Eagles, sunsets, sunrises and the best-tasting food you’ve ever had! 

I made my trip there last month and had Camelot weather. There was only one rain after sundown and by then we had already eaten and crawled into our tents, so we stayed cozy and dry. We then discovered the new, easy-to-inflate air mattresses, which were like sleeping on a bed! 
My sister Rose was the trip manager. She arranged all the rentals from the long-time outfitter, Piragis, out of Ely Minnesota. Our paddle was down the Kawishiwi River. It was wide, with many picture-perfect rocky outcrops, dense pine trees, and gorgeous scenery everywhere you looked. 

The trip was four days and three nights with many little portages that kept us busy. One of our campsites was the most beautiful site I’ve ever experienced. Although we didn’t see a moose, (which are often spotted in the springtime along the river) we did see many other beautiful scenes and wildlife.

I was happy to have my nephews (Rose’s boys) along again for the trip since they are both seasoned paddlers. We also had my sister Pat and her youngest son join us for the first time. The boys had a great time catching a few fish, paddling and steering canoes, and enjoying nature, all while gaining confidence and memories from the rocky portages and hard work.

There were some relaxing moments too. My favorite memory? Wearing my wet boots and lifejacket and just floating in the lake with my sister Pat. One of the boys delivered covered coffee mugs filled with wine….it was a BWCA version of a swim up bar! –Anne Kelly


Anne is wearing JunoActive's Stretch Naturals V-Neck Tee and the SoftWik Heather Hoodie. Both are perfect for staying warm, dry and comfy on any trip, from the great outdoors to the grocery store. Share this post with friends who have adventurous spirits like Anne's, or who just love wearing activewear 24/7! Discover more great plus size activewear looks at