Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The JunoActive Fit: High-Performing, Versatile Style

Active. Life. Style. Those three words accurately paint the picture of JunoActive’s goal with our specially designed women’s plus size clothing. We want to make sure you always feel confident and capable in our fashionable and functional activewear. The faith we put in our clothing has come from the long hours of hard work we’ve invested in developing a size chart that is grounded in facts, not unreliably sourced information. Many companies claim they have the best fits to offer consumers, but what really makes a good fit and how do you know it’s not another one-size fits all gimmick? More importantly, how does JunoActive achieve a fit that sets us apart from other plus size clothing companies?

JunoActive is unique in the way we design and think about our plus size activewear. Unlike larger
companies that often use a manufactured approach to creating and sizing clothing, our plus size garments are developed around the actual measurements of modern-day women with curves. Most plus size women do not actually have an hourglass shape as the media depicts and we wanted to factor this into our sizing. JunoActive conducted a size study where measurements were taken and compiled from real plus size women. That collection of data helped create the current JunoActive custom sizing chart, and is the foundation of our high performing fit.

With a solid foundation of accurate sizing, clothing design is much more easily facilitated. Our inspiration comes from examining the fundamentals of successful garments and using those observations to create versatility. We constructively think about details and what kinds of solutions a piece of clothing can offer. Do we need to provide support, coverage or compression? Are there certain activities this garment is intended for, or is it a flexible article of clothing? Additionally, how can we make the design stand out while simultaneously flattering the body?

Our fabulous technical designer Renae Redenius working her magic

Exceptional design is not without challenges when it comes to executing ideas. While there is no way to make one piece of clothing that fits every woman perfectly, we use tactics to ensure the widest array of body types are flattered. One way is by offering different lengths of garments, which work with different silhouettes. For example, many of our tops are offered in tunic and regular lengths and our swimwear features some items with bra cups and some without to accommodate for different bust sizes.

We source and use high-tech fabrics, since they greatly enhance a garment’s fit and design. We select fabrics that stretch and move with your body, offer support and don’t cling. Our knit fabrics often include a touch of spandex, which offers stretch, support and ease in putting the garment on and taking it off. The feel of the fabric against the skin is also highly considered in selection, which adds another element of comfort while wearing.

After all these technical aspects of design are factored in, it is our goal that the women wearing our clothes feel confident during any activity, be it something sweaty or grabbing coffee. A good fit is imperative, because poorly fitting activewear or swimwear can be distracting and unmotivating. Our tried and true sizes range up to 6X and how the item fits stays consistent throughout the sizes. At JunoActive, we work diligently to create clothing that enhances all parts of a woman’s active – life – style.

A special shout out and thanks to Renae Redenius, our technical designer at JunoActive, who provided the logistical tidbits for our post on fit.

Monday, July 25, 2016

One way to finally get motivated to work out

How do you find the motivation to exercise or stay active during a busy work week? We all know it can be a constant post-work battle to get moving after 8+ hours at work and lengthy commutes. Why hit the gym when there’s a new show to binge watch, dinner and lunches for the week need to be made and laundry has been staring at you for weeks!

One big move you can make to inspire yourself to hit the gym, or take a relaxing stroll around the neighborhood, is to pick out activewear outfits that get you excited to run down the street. There's something magical about putting on an outfit that fits you perfectly, lets your body breathe by wicking sweat away and makes you feel confident. Beyond picking out the right outfit, try laying your outfits out the night before, or packing them in the gym bag. You’ll be less rushed in the morning and more motivated to work out after work if everything is packed already!

Here are just a few of the outfits we love to workout in right now:

Getting to that workout, walk or however you choose to stay active is totally worth the feel-good, post-sweat glow–not to mention it's a huge stress reliever and keeps you healthy. Here's to staying motivated!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Introducing Our New Plus Size Swimwear Collection!

New JunoActive Aloha Swimwear Collection

Plus size swimsuit

The first rave we get about our plus size swimwear is the amazing fit–but after months of trips to the pool or beach, everyone falls in love with our powerful chlorine-resistant fabrics, AquaSport™ and QuikEnergy™. Seriously–these fabrics are strong. We have customers who are swimming laps in the pool 5 days a week and need a swimsuit that will hold up, keep its shape and not fall apart. Even if you’re outside hitting the waves, our fabrics give you sun protection–up to UPF 50–while keeping you stylish and comfortable. 
Aside from being insanely cute, one of our new styles–the Aloha print–is very on trend this season. Black and white for summer has completely taken over the runways. But don’t worry–if you’re craving a pop of color, we’ve got that, too.
Here’s a peek at our new suits, but be sure to take a look at our full collection in our shop

Plus size swimwear

Designed for laps and lounging. Made with our chlorine-resistant AquaSport fabric, this suit is quick-drying and great for everyday use. The best part? The front of the suit was designed with two layers of fabric for extra coverage and truly stellar support while you’re running laps in the pool or catching rays on the beach.

plus size swimwear

No matter if you’re in the pool 6 days a week, our AquaSport Aloha Print Tankini Top will stand up to chlorine. Chlorine resistance and suits maintaining their shape are two important reasons AquaSport is a beloved fabric–especially for the ladies who practically live at the pool! Our Tankini has a built-in sports bra, including sewn in cups, giving you great coverage. This racerback design goes great with the AquaSport Plus Size Long Fitted Swim Shorts, or our AquaSport Plus Size Skirted Swim Shorts

plus size one piece

The perfect pop of color makes this classic black suit a must! Designed using our chlorine-resistant QuikEnergy fabric, this suit delivers all-over muscle compression as well as full chest support with a built-in inner shelf bra. Also, if you are tall or have a longer torso, we have you covered–there are several classic, one piece Tall styles in our QuikEnergy collection. 

plus size one piece

Blend in with the water with this gorgeous purple and blue one-piece print. This suit is made with Xtra-Life Lycra, which keeps your suit super strong against chlorine, heat and sunscreen. Tank straps won’t dig into your shoulders, and the seams are no-chafe bliss. Keep everything on top in place and extra comfortable with a sewn-in bra. 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5 Things You Have to Do This Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy views curated by nature and less by Netflix (even though we really really love Netflix). Once the weather gets warm, it’s high time to start planning weekend getaways and nature stay-cations (which is a vacation where you stay around your place if you can’t travel). Since JunoActive headquarters are just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, we are more than ready to say goodbye to winter and welcome warm weather with open arms. Here are the outside activities we’re more than excited for this summer. 

plus size activewear

1. Road Trip

The road trip is a time honored American tradition. There’s nothing quite like packing up a few days clothes away in a small bag, snacks to keep the trip rolling smoothly and a few of your best friends or family. There are so many scenic stops and chances to hike along highways that make for the perfect unexpected summer mini-trip. Check with your state government’s website to scope out all of the can’t-miss scenic highway stops in your statethere are usually some great hidden hiking spots. They may be a bit off the beaten path, but reconnecting with nature on the open road is what summer is all about. 

Roadtrip-Certified Outfit (Above): Animal Print Capris and StretchNaturals Pocket Tunic

2. Going to the Beach

Although we are nowhere near an ocean, we come from the land of 10,000 lakes and love taking advantage of them. As Prince said in the classic 80s movie Purple Rain, “You have to purify yourself in Lake Minnetonka.” Even if you don’t live in Minnesota, there’s just something special about swimming in a lake, no matter where you are. Sure, you can’t see to the bottom of lake and there may be fish swimming past your legs. But is it really summer if you don’t scream “What was that!?” while standing in the open water? Being startled by fish is probably great cardio, anyways. 

Beach Day Outfit: AquaSport Crossback Plus Size Aquatard

plus size swimwear

3. The State Fair

There’s nothing quite like the Minnesota State Fair. Everyone probably feels that way about their own state fair–and that’s what’s so great about them. Each year you get to explore the huge fairgrounds once again, seeing all the animals, going on rides, trying out new foods, and dancing your heart out at the bandstand. It’s a great place to connect not only with your friends and family, but with people that live in all parts of your state, and even the country.

Stay Cool State Fair Outfit: QuikWik Classic Crew Neck Tee and QuikWik Long Capris

plus size fitness wear


Is there anything better than gardening? Just you, a pair of gloves, and fresh dirt to work. It’s so relaxing and therapeutic to spend time in your yard with flowers and plants. The fresh air, sunshine and hard work (seriously, weeding is an exercise all in its own) make for the perfect summer day. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, getting to know a small potted cactus is a nice, low-maintenance way to dip your toe into the gardening world. 

5. Summertime Dog Walking 

Yes you have to walk your dog all year long, but who doesn’t cut walks a little shorter during the winter? Walking with your adorable pup in the summer is just better. First there’s sunshine, warm breezes, fresh air and catching up with your neighbors. But best of all is the happiness you see on your dog’s face, whenever (s)he looks up at you that says, “you’re the best ever for taking me on this walk!”

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Go Wild with New Animal Prints

plus size activewear

New JunoActive Animal Print Activewear

Now that our limited edition animal print is back in stock after selling out a year ago, you can fully live your spirit animal dreams in new styles perfect for running miles and running errands. 

We love animal print for the gym and everyday style. There’s something about it that sparks inspiration in us to work harder, move faster, and do better. Maybe it’s because the leopard-one of our inspirations for the print-is one of the stealthiest cats in the animal kingdom. Or maybe it’s just the fact that we pride ourselves in designing plus size activewear that works and stays moving with your curves–no matter what activities you’re doing each day.

The new animal print styles come exclusively in our Stretch Naturals fabric. The incredibly soft, lightweight cotton blend fabric has a really comfortable stretch that bends and moves with you through yoga poses, zumba classes and hikes.

Our new animal print comes in a few different styles:

plus size bra top plus size leggings

Double Scoop Bra Top - Black with Animal Trim or Animal Print with Black Trim
  • Perfect for low impact exercises
  • Slight stretch provides comfort, support and makes on-and-off easier
  • Front and back scoop design gives you lots of breathability

plus size bra top

  • Lightweight design great for everyday wear, can fashionably layer or peek at button down neckline
  • Slight stretch provides comfort, support and makes on-and-off easier
  • Double layer fabric gives you extra coverage and support 
  • Cotton and spandex blend gives you full range movement
  • Wearable during workouts or nights out
  • Soft against skin and not too hot

plus size activewear

  • Lightweight cotton blend lets your body breathe 
  • Designed to hold shape all day long
  • Perfect for gym, running errands, or going out
  • Stays in place as you move
  • Extra length means no skin showing as you reach
  • Built in bra offers extra support during exercise
We are so excited to have this print back in stock, and we hope you are too. It’s fun to mix up your style during workouts or your everyday wardrobe–a little fierce print inspiration is always welcome in our world. Let us know how much you love our new prints or just say hello on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram